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of the IEMs you listed which you state are "better buys", which do you think is the best for all genres of music?
Atm I already own the VSonicGR06 and it sounds great, but I just got some cash for New Years, so I was wondering if I should buy the GR07. Is the sound difference between the GR06 and GR07 worth $170? Also, if not, are there any other IEMs better than the GR07 for under 200 dollars that is worth the upgrade? Any advice would be very helpful in making the decision. Thank you!
what tips do u guys usually prefer on the gr07?
I see alot of people saying that the sony hybrid tips are great on the GR07, but doesnt the GR07 come with hybrid tips already?? whats the difference between the GR07 hybrid tips and the sony hybrid tips?? 
As stated in the topic, what exactly is a chin slider on IEMs used for? I never really found it usefull
thanks for the tips guys! makes me much more comfortable using these gr06s. they sound lovely btw :)
i get very nice seals with almost all the tips, but the iems feel like its going very deep into my ear canal. is this common?
I recently bought my first pair of IEM (Vsonic gr06). Unlike others that I have had, (skull candy), these ones insert quite deep into my ear canal, making me feel quite... invaded. I'd feel more comfortable if you guys can tell me if this is normal of IEMs?    Thank you head-fiers!
I was just curious as to which eartips are best on the GR06. I can't seem to find a comfortable tip to use. All the tips seem to make my ear expand to an uncomfortable state, or they can't seal. Which do you guys use???
i was looking for one below 50 dollars :(
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