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How about Canada? You aren't that far from home (relatively speaking) - School here is a touch cheaper than the US  even when you consider international tuition.
Playing with my latest purchase - the Sennheiser Amperior. Listening to country music (Dean Brody - Dirt) flac format fed via the Audioengine D1
Let her have the IEM's... once she gets into the hobby you will have more to share. Plus it reduces the chance of her giving you a hard time about buying new gear. Imagine the day she walks in and actually tells you it is time to "upgrade your gear"
I have one reserved @ $99.99 but 40 miles away... I am curious what the fuss about this is but snobby-me doesn't like the skullcandy name... I could give them to my bro who likes thumpy bassy headphones. Are these any good? I listen to country and rock - mostly country and want something that can be driven off an iphone / ipad... Thanks in advance
Means that a while ago there was an active discussion about sites like massdrop / groupon and some moderator put it in no uncertain terms that those deals are not to be spoken of around these parts. I don't remember if there was a rational explanation given but the short version is anything that sounds like a group buy that is nod mod approved is taboo.
Yesterday my Monster Vektr's were getting mad praise from the mechanic next door, who was ready to run out and grab them for his son... I suggested DT-990;s and was shot down. Didn't even get to the audition stage - just no...
Sorry for your loss of tablet... if all this is going sideways, maybe a facebook confrontation? I had a situation like this with an idevice and once I figured who had possession of it, I rounded up a group of mates and had a little face-to-face. I grew up in a part of the world where theft is dealt with violent reprisal and so it is a sore spot with me. I don't necessarily recommend you do this in person but the way things are looking, you don't seem to be getting the...
Are those SkullCandy @ Best Buy worth it then?
I bought refurb AD-700's along with a colleague (who is also a head-fi'er) and neither of us have had any issues with the product on the grounds of it being a refurb. May have been a scuff on the purple grill but I saw that a couple of weeks later and it could have been my fault -  but the sound seems to be none the worse for it.
Maybe you need that cable with the crazy magnets that Patrick82 had? That would make them sound right... Seriously though, I feel your pain - I had that moment with cars. I own a Lexus LS but my dream car is a Bentley or Maybach - once I got up close with a 57S I was traumatically disappointed that it was just a nicer S-class. Maybe just focus on the music with the setup you have an enjoy the moment.
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