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EDIT:  thanks for the help!
I've been reading alot of things about this.. the unified driver is that much better then stock?
So.. i just bought AD700's and a xonar STX... however, im a audio newb.    Im looking for best surround sound for FPS gaming, like BF3 and what not.   Also, please explain ASIO bit-depth and latency settings if possible..   What would you recommend, setting wise, for gaming in FPS games.. such as BF3?    windows 7 x64 bit, i5 3750k 16gb ram
EDIT: I did ALOT of research so.. i ended up doing this. I Found a pair of AD700 open box at the store for only 80$.. jumped on them instantly. Now, im off to buy a mixamp and have an eargasm. thanks for the help guys... 
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