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Ya, it has Dolby home theater v4
Whats up peeps. Need some help here.   I am a 100% PC gamer.   Im looking for accuracy and detail whoreing. I have no one around me and noise from open cans wouldnt matter.   I currently have a ROG Phobeus sound card (600ohm) and AD700.   I love my ad700's but the are starting to seem dullish.   Im looking at the AD900's but would like opinions. I could care less about bass. Dont care about how they fit either.   Im looking for maximum detail...
Hello all! i was just directed to here from this thread.. http://www.head-fi.org/t/643004/q701-amp#post_8995305     TL:DR   i am a Gamer and just bought the Q701's from my ad700s   loving the q701's however i have no current amp.   I have a xonar DX sound card.. and people say this.     The Essence STX  & Xonar DX use the same audio processor, the C-Media CMI8788. The Essence STX & Fiio E9 use the same amplifier chip. the 6120A2, so are about...
i currently have a xonar DX.. and it drive it decently i guess.. but.. im guessing it wont shine without an amp? i actually upgraded from my ad700's
Hello! Im looking for a decent cheapish amp for now.. Im not really good at amps and was wondering what would pair well with my q701's at a price of 150 or less. (or should i just save up for a xonar STX/xonar phobeous)   My listening is 90% gaming 10% music.   was looking at a few of...
Holy crap.. 1500 for the 800... cant afford that >.> mm, would it be worth it to sell the ad700's for the k701 in your opinion? Ill be mostly gaming... but the ad700 seems to lack quality.. but maybe if i get the titanium xfi HD itll sound better..
Hm.. ive never even worn in ear phones before.. ill try ^_^   thank you :3
Do you recommend the http://www.auzentech.com/site/products/x-fi_forte.php at all over thoose two?     or something from htomega
Well im looking to upgrade my headphones and soundcard in the long run.. However.. would you be able to recommend a headset that = ad700's soundstage and accuracy, but sound better.. or would a xfi make that much of a difference?.. and could you reccomend a xfi card?
What is better than a xonar DX? Right now ive got a ad700, but might goto akg or something later... any idea's?           ALSO Can i get any advice on how to set up EQ and such with the DX and my ad700's for best competitive gaming? (most planetside 2)
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