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Ya, it has Dolby home theater v4
Whats up peeps. Need some help here.   I am a 100% PC gamer.   Im looking for accuracy and detail whoreing. I have no one around me and noise from open cans wouldnt matter.   I currently have a ROG Phobeus sound card (600ohm) and AD700.   I love my ad700's but the are starting to seem dullish.   Im looking at the AD900's but would like opinions. I could care less about bass. Dont care about how they fit either.   Im looking for maximum detail...
Hello all! i was just directed to here from this thread..     TL:DR   i am a Gamer and just bought the Q701's from my ad700s   loving the q701's however i have no current amp.   I have a xonar DX sound card.. and people say this.     The Essence STX  & Xonar DX use the same audio processor, the C-Media CMI8788. The Essence STX & Fiio E9 use the same amplifier chip. the 6120A2, so are about...
i currently have a xonar DX.. and it drive it decently i guess.. but.. im guessing it wont shine without an amp? i actually upgraded from my ad700's
Hello! Im looking for a decent cheapish amp for now.. Im not really good at amps and was wondering what would pair well with my q701's at a price of 150 or less. (or should i just save up for a xonar STX/xonar phobeous)   My listening is 90% gaming 10% music.   was looking at a few of...
Holy crap.. 1500 for the 800... cant afford that >.> mm, would it be worth it to sell the ad700's for the k701 in your opinion? Ill be mostly gaming... but the ad700 seems to lack quality.. but maybe if i get the titanium xfi HD itll sound better..
Hm.. ive never even worn in ear phones before.. ill try ^_^   thank you :3
Do you recommend the at all over thoose two?     or something from htomega
Well im looking to upgrade my headphones and soundcard in the long run.. However.. would you be able to recommend a headset that = ad700's soundstage and accuracy, but sound better.. or would a xfi make that much of a difference?.. and could you reccomend a xfi card?
What is better than a xonar DX? Right now ive got a ad700, but might goto akg or something later... any idea's?           ALSO Can i get any advice on how to set up EQ and such with the DX and my ad700's for best competitive gaming? (most planetside 2)
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