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Being on a college campus nowadays, I see: Beats, cheap Skullcandys, more Beats, cheap Sonys, and one pair of cheap Sennheisers. My HD-380 Pros are feeling rather mighty around here.
I am mostly an earbud guy, but listening to music on my TB X12's when I play games is really starting to make me want a new pair of over-ear's. I'm looking for some that are under $100 and have a nice bass response and good mids.  I'm currently eyeing the Noontec Zoro's, the Audio-Technica ATH-M40FS or ATH-m30 (on sale at amazon), the Sennheiser HD 428 SC or HD 429, and the AKG K67 Tiesto's.  Any other recommendations are welcome.
My all time favorite has to be the Halo 3 OST. It's actually one of the few albums I bought. A close second would be the Halo: Reach OST
I'm more new school; Knights of the Old Republic Guild Wars 2 The Witcher 2 Oblivion Fallout 3
This could be a favorite band type thing, but just list the bands you play as the control for sound-checking and comparing your gear.  For me: Kamelot; great variety of sounds. Hopsin; test for hip-hop stuff Insomnium; lots of high notes for a metal band The music for Arby n' the Chief season 6; Just some simple techno.   Also, what are you favorite EQ settings? Mine are classical and electronic.
Then let the garbage flow freely until then
Apparently I have insufficient permissions and therefore cannot upload and change my profile image. I'm such a newfag, it's painful.
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