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I've been looking for a new pair of headphones and I found the AIAIAI TMA-1 .They seem pretty good but I would like to know more about them. Are they good to listen to rock music? They have good noise cancelling?
In a previous discussion some of you sugested me a pair of sennheiser's HD 558 , a pair of shure's Srh 440 and a pair of jvc's ha s500. Wich one do you think I should choose? I listen specially rock and some pop. I' m looking for some good sound quality..
Thank you .and what do you think about the ones I've talked in the begining ? Could you give me some more information about the senn's and about the shure's and about the jvc's?
I think that the m80's are the best choice. They are very stylish and they sound amazing! But igual you don't want to spend much money I think you should choose the. Sennheiser's . They're a lot better than the ones from skullcandy
I have already seen them and they sound exactly what I want but in the link that you have me they don't talk about noise cancelling. Is it good? Could you Give me some more sugestions?
Thanks a lot
I'm buying a new pair of headphones but I'm not shure of wich ones I should buy. I don't pretend to spend more than 110-120 dollars . I want something portable but with good sound quality and good noise isollation. I own a pair of AKG K 518 but they are not working wel. I was thinking about a pair of sennheiser px 100-ii or a pair of AIAIAI TMA-1 but I'm open to sugestions
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