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Well they are released in the Netherlands:
Username on MD: AdamTR   Would love  to see the brand new Yamaha HPH-MT7 which recently came out. Also the DT1770 & HE-560 would be nice!
They're out now, anyone tried it?
Have you looked into monitor speakers? My Yamaha MSP5 speakers (costs $550) destroy about every headphone I own..
Damn again big mistake
In terms of soundquality I recommend the DT250 over the DT770 but from what I remember the DT770 might have a better seal but im not sure.
Selling a Brand new Focal Spirit Professional in original box with all accessories. I'm from the Netherlands but will ship anywhere feel free to ask shipping cost to your country.   Payment possiblity: Paypal or bank transfer.
Wonder how much it differs in sound from the MT220 which was also for studio engineers.. and it sure looks comfy but not prettier than MT220.   Does it have a detachable cable (big mistake of MT220)?
Sounds to me you made the HRM-8 !! lol After some comparison with the DT150 and DT250 I do notice how much highs these babies have but still like them for their detail/resolution it's one of the best I've heard so far.
The DT150 and DT250 completely destroys DT880 for half the price unless you like a bright peaky sound!!
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