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I've got an (old) Nokia N900, it has best built in soundcard for a phone that I know even better then iphone/samsung..  
Forget both and get the DT-150..
For the same price I think DT-150 is better..
On ebay I came accros a seller who sells the Yamaha EPH-100 for $80, it seems a bit cheap so what do you guys think fake/real and do fake EPH-100 even exist?   Here's the link:
Like the vintage look of it, anyone knows which year they originally came out?  
Yamaha HS series, much better then KRK Rockits for the same price or you can step it up to Adams A..X series..
Anyone can do a comparion on the DT150 / Focal Spirit Pro?   Here:
Anyone got both and can do a comparison? 
Are they exactly the same as the Ultrasone HFI450 soundwise?
Anyone knows where to get the RH10MS nowadays?
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