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I have both the dt770 pro and the k242hd, they sound completely different. the dt770 has stronger bass but the k242hd soundstage is much bigger with a better intruments separation.. I like them both but mostly use the k242hd for it's comfort (you won't feel like you wearing any headphone)
Thnx everyone, I will mostly use it to mix my beats (hip hop/rap/pop/rock), so bass is also very important (very very honest bass response) How about the flatness is the K701 much flatter then the k242hd?
I use a studio soundcard called the steinberg mr816x prices where I live are: k242hd (100euro), k701 (200euro)
Ok so soundstage on the k701 is bigger (how much bigger if you had to put it in % ?)   Better details (again how much better in %)?   K242hd better bass, what's exactly the difference from the k701 bass?     I'm asking these question because I really wanna know if it's worth to pay the extra amount of money....
 Whatever you listen, listen to FLAC version (higest consumer quality available)   here is Damian Marley - Welcome to Jamrock in FLAC:  
I've used the k242hd which I love very much, too bad it's broke now (right speaker dead). thinking of buying a new pair of these.....or invest in a ''better'' headphone such as the k701?   Will it be an improvement coming from the k242hd to the k701? ......anyone used them both, what do you think does it have a huge difference?
I actually already own the Yamaha Hs80m.. the reason I want to go headphones is because I live in a apartment and almost never get to use them.. I mix 90% out of the time on my dt770 pro headphone but it's not that nice to me... would love to try other real flat headphones.   According to this guy the mdr-7520 is the best mixing headphone out there:   So Im...
the akg k242hd is so light and sweet you almost forget you wear headphones and I never had fatigue with them which I have a lot with my dt770 pro.
Thanks guys... I think the denon are also a bit more ''hifi'' then flat.   Right now I'm leaning more and more towards the K702, but haven't heard much about the Sony MDR-7520 what do you guys think of it with a frequency range of 5Hz -80kHz?
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