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You're welcome, glad you liked it!
Sony Mdr-cd900st 
Get the Yamaha MT220!
How is the K553 compared to the Focal Spirit Pro?
Can you tell some difference between DT150 & MT220, in terms of bass, mids, highs, soundstage and overall sound?
How is the MT220 compared with the EPH-100, do they sound similiar?
I understand the Focal Pro is balanced (I own them to justify that) and they have some detail but aren't very detailed and transparent. My Yamaha EPH-100 is more transparent and has better imaging. I need a headphone that can do better in that aspect, that''s why I asked about the MDR-7520 ..
Which headphone has more detail and is more transparent Focal Pro or MDR-7520?
Do you have any frequincy response of the HE560? And how does the soundstage compare to the HD800, bigger, smaller, same size?
New Posts  All Forums: