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I would consider Sennheiser HD600 + Antique Sound Lab MG Head OTL mk 3.   I actually have this combo and am happy with how well they get along.
Sorry, I did not compare shure with westones carefully.  At the place where I live, westones are not common.
Actually SE215 is an odd pair of headphones by shure.  It is very coherent and musical.  Some may think it rolls off a bit at high but this does not bother me.  I have both 215 and 535 and always carry both in my bag.  Honestly, I usually listen to 215 unless I am in the mood for major rock or power draining opera/classical.
I just wanna drop a note here to say right after I listened to HD800, I went out and got a spare pair of HD600 just in case. :-)
Just my 2 cents -   If the head amp is capable, HD600 can make wonders.  Yet, if the head amp may not be up to challenge, HD650 is a safer buy.   HD600 is more neutral.  HD650 has a slightly mega-bass effect and can easily get great result with vocal and jazz.   In any event, both are great cans.   Cheers. 
Hi, There is one thing you can do but may sound stupid. Play some of you favorite music at a volume you like and then clip the headphone to you thigh. This will give you a pretty good idea what others will hear in close distance. I did the same before. (I tired to ask around too. Often people are too nice to tell me even if i blow up the office.) Happy listening.
Kind of curious why 535 cannot be worn for prolong time.  Is it because of the shape not matching well?   I understood everyone's ear is different.  For my case, shure is quite comfortable and I cannot imagine how much more miserable it will be if I use a pair of full size can for long working hours.  Big cans can get heavier and hotter over time.  :-)
Hello,   If you don't mind my newbie's 2 cents -   There is no such thing as best headphone in the world.  This is all a personal thing.  I would suggest you go to stores and test out more models to see what kind of character you really like.  Money and quality do not always go along the same direction, especially for higher end or higher price tag items.  Higher model of the same brand may give better resolutions or a boost of certain range, yet you may not...
Hello,   From your own list, I think Shure SE215 should be best in handling classical music.  Actually, I like 215 very much and think it can do wonders if plug into a serious head amp.  It is very coherent and with good isolation, details can be easier retrieved.
I guess it all boils down to the actual usage.   If you are going to use the headphone primarily with Iphone or other mobile devices, you may want to re-consider if you want a big can.  After all, full size headphones usually need proper headamp to sing well (eg HD600).  Without it, you may only get the inconvenience but not the great sound.  For iphone, I usually plug in Shure SE215.  It is a great earplug that iphone can drive properly without fuzz.   Happy...
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