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  I'm a little bit more forgiving of mom and pop operations but when they are bringing products to market at elevated price points my patience diminishes accordingly....   I've only been back here for the last couple months and will say I have had very positive response from Centrance, HRT, and JDS Labs...all regarding fairly direct questioning. Unfortunately, I have had somewhat negative experiences with others who were evasive/unresponsive to similiar questioning..
I believe consumer reports blindly purchases all they test and does not accept advertizing? If accurate, it would seem such a policy prevents suggestion of biased results. Regarding not publishing negative reviews...first, i think most reviewers give the manufacturer an opportunity to respond/resolve the issue prior to publication. That said, if after such the manufacturer still wants to punish by removing ad dollars (vs. using the information to improve their product) do...
Looking for cash or trade for Benchmark DAC1 USB   prefer metro detroit area transaction but will consider all CONUS offers   pm offers
    oh, bother...yet ANOTHER world's finest! (yawn)
for the genres you mention,,,,forget all the audophool lingo and get a pair of Grado SR60i
      Get the regulars in either straight or coiled cord, which ever fits your needs best. Ignore all advice regarding cable coloration and such nonsense. Find an amp with an output impedance of 2 ohms or less if you want slightly firmer bass (something like a cheap FiiO E5 will work fine) That's it, enjoy
how much cheaper would it have been without balanced output?
What about pricing on the LX model?   This is shaping up to be the Bugatti Veyron of portable devices...and all at Corvette pricing!    Well DONE!!!
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