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@ ShenaRingo 326 thanks, that explains a lot. The dummy files are empty I think and make the whole OS unpredictable (sometimes a file will play, sometimes not). But when copying files instead of folders this all goes away.
I received my dx50 friday morning in The Netherlands after it was shiped wedsnesday evening HK time. I paid no additional fees upon delivery. Saw some remarks on additional customs fees, but no issues.   I had a lot of issues getting to work it properly. When copying files dummy files were created starting with "._" screwing up playback. I think it is related to copying a folder intead of individual files (using an iMac). When c/p the individual files the show as proper...
Mine just completely froze up just now, can't even shut it down.   Update: I contacted ibasso and got a reply right away. If you hold the power button for 7 seconds it will reset. This also got rid of the strange/inconsistent behaviour earlier. Smooth interface now. Sound is on the bright side, but it also showed the limitations of my ue700. The grado325is and hifiman 500 performed quite well.
Just received my dx50 today (first batch). Looks and feels good. If I can get it to work properly I will be comparing it with my cuurent set-up (ipod nano + ibasso PB2). ButI 'm having a lot of trouble to get it working consistently. I'm playing alac and flac files. The file is playing but no sound sometimes. Very frustating because the same files will play sometimes and sometimes not. No clue why. btw funny thing: the back/play/forward buttons are from right to left.
Agree with Lord Voldemort that grado's can be great for classical. I have a 325is and listen to a lot of classical music...however I prefer to use it for smaller settings like Bach cello suites, or Michelangeli playing rachmaninov. The grado is very forward sounding. You're pressed upon every detail so to speak. This makes it a bit more fatiguing listing experience, especially if you're are listing while doing something else (spending to much time on the web...). I...
Ultimate Ears 700 for 79,99 euro at
Just visited metrum during the x-fi show last weekend. They were showcasing the hex... and using there own, to be released pre amp, power amps and speakers. Had a short chat about the hex and its price. Besides the increase in the number of inputs, better parts are said to be used. Still though its quite a different price bracket. If you don't need the additional inputs you can wonder what type of set up you would need that would let you hear the improved sound  
yes, I was there. Not much dedicated heaphone gear though. I checked out the sennheiser HD 800 and hifiman 500 and 6. Unfortunately the whole stax, burson and schiit range was not connected to a source. Just for looking.....
Would be nice to meet. I could bring amongst others a SR325is, metrum acoustics nos dac mini, violectric hpa200 amp and a box full of portable headphone's.
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