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Wow. Small world. I have been in there a few times. I will have to check out that audio store sometime when i'm in the area ^_^. 
I did not know you had a shop! I have family in Omaha. I will have to stop by some time. Whats the place called?
Think they will let us bring scotch? (Joking... sadly)
Your best bet would be a system wide EQ software. I have not tried any myself as my sound card allows me to adjust the EQ, but I have seen something called Equalizer APO that changes your PC system wide for all noise. 
Yea like I said I already have a speaker amp, I just wanted to know if it was possible for it to work well with the hp amp/dac to make things Simple and Clean. Thanks for the insight good sir! cheers
Ha yea just figured I would say something so we did not trail on for 10 pages.... maybe in another tread ^_^.  cheers
I just cant remember what the v6 sounds like. I think the HE-300 has flabby low end imo and its over bassy. I would only suggest he-400 or above imo from hifiman. Never liked the he-300 due to the reasons stated.  I really feel that in your budget the 598 is the best option seeing as you want an open headphone. I would not consider them dark but rather warm and non fatiguing. DT770 might be a bit much on the bass for you and the fact that they are closed might be a turn...
No problem! If you have the money and time to spare you can always try it with another pair of velours. I suggest doing eventually but yea the stock sound is just amazing. Do you have the pleather or the velours ear pads?
By dark I just mean very low and powerful. Sexy is well just another word for intimate for me. Like something that just draws you in. I think we are focusing on that too much rather then balanced with warm sound or V-shaped with recessed mid/treble.  IMO if you want an Open can that is balanced with a slight warm sound do them then the 598 would be a good option. Just look up reviews for any headphone suggested and people better with wording then me can describe the sound...
I cant really suggest anything 50 dollars or less that also has bluetooth. I have never tried a bluetooth headset that actually sounds good. Most sound REALLY bad imo.  If bluetooth is a must then maybe check out amazon and just see what you can find. Sorry to not be much help.
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