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Hey sorry for the late response, but yea they are already recabled. I will tinker with them when I get the time this next weekend probably. Thanks for the info!
Yea I noticed the left screw being slightly higher. I will send them a pm about it. Thanks for the help!   Edit- I may have problems though as the cable has been modded to be detachable...
This is the Right side which is working fineFirst image of left cup 2nd image  I'm sorry ahead of time. I could not get a perfect focus on the left cup for some reason. I don't have my SLR with me right now :(. Also after taking photos, it would seem a dusting is in order. ^_^
#780. is there a way to easily tighten it up? I don't think its changing the sound or anything but just a bit odd. Only think I can think of is just taking them on and off a lot as they are my main headphone. 
Hey everyone. I went to use my TH900s today and noticed that my left earcup now swivels 360 degrees. Anyone know who this may have happened? Not sure of the inner workings of these headphones, but they have been sitting on my headphone stand anytime they are not in use. Thanks for any help that can be provided.     cheers   p.s. If you need pics I can provide if needed. 
Don't do this unless you can find them used or new from somewhere legitimate and at a good price. They are overpriced many places now.  That being said I have found both a dt770 and d2000 being sold on the forums here for decent prices. Personally I would go for a d2000 anyday over the dt770, though I...
Ah ok. Thanks for the update. Can't wait... but I have to.^_^  cheers
Upgrades will be starting in January or are you saying stock will be available in January. 
What do you mean by "best headphones to use outside"? I am going to use them for a mobile rig, but I could not see using them on the move. One chip of paint and I would be wanting to replace them ^_^
As of now it looks like it would be a smaller meet up so it would be best to try to see if we can fit it in for everyone. I was thinking sometime around Christmas break as that would be when many might be free. I'm kinda down whenever if it's on fri, sat, or sun. 
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