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Greetings to all,   I have an Aurañlic Vega and read that the X20 Pro is better than the Vega, not sure if better once is modded,   I am very interested on getting this one and the SIngxer SU-1 both modded,   Rafabro, where did you mod your devices?   Regards   Miki
Hello,   Congrats on your NEW DAC2, i am also planning to purchase one but also i am waiting for anybody who has heard or had the chance to compare this W4S DAC2 dsd se with the Auralic Vega?   Have you heard the VEGA? i really like Clint as a possible seller as he  is a great person and has an incredible service, and want to be sure that if i stay with W4S will worth against going in the VEGA direction   Best Regards   Miguel
Hi Xtreme 4099   First of all, thank you for being so much kind to my attention.   I want to share that some dealer of Audio-gd that also has used the Calyx told me that for "my type of speakers" (ribbon tweeter) he suggested that i go with the Calyx with the external PSU that comes with it now, have not heard his reason but i am waiting, also i am very interested on both the NFB 1.32 and 7.32, i think they are excellent DACs specially when i was reading that surpasses...
Hi,   Did you sell the DAC already?, can i ask you why are you selling it?   Thank you   Miki
    Hi, Any comparisons yet with Calyx or other DACs, i need help pleeeaase! i am between the Calyx, Audio-gd NFB 1.32 and Audio-gd NFB 7.32...   thank you!
Greetings,   I see you have both Calyx and Audio-GD in the pic, i am considering to get the Calyx or the NFB-1.32 /NFB7.32, using it USB input Mainly i just would like someone who could have made this comparison... cause i really don't know where to go... Help needed!   Best regards   Miki
Greetings nigeljames,   i am kinda new here but i have been waiting for some info about the new NFB 7.32, i know that is a good DAC but i would like if someone could tell me which could be a better contender as i am looking for a new DAC for my system (used to have DACMAGIC PLUS)... i am between Calyx DAC 24/192 or NFB 7.32 to use mainly with USB input...the better performer in USB input...   Any thoughts on this??   Best regards   Miki
I was just about to get the Calyx Dac 24/192 until this thread, i got in contact with Kingwa and told me the best dac for my preferences (Rock, latin Rock, Pop, Indian, some modern Jazz and New age) is the NFB7.32 with ESSsabre, but i can not find anyone who has tried this one, being skeptical i ask him again if the NFB7.32 was in the same level of the ref 7.1 and he said different sound, more modern sound, more fats and dynamic and that maybe people like ref 7.1 more...
Hi i am upgrading my DACMAGIC PLUS and want to go eighter the Calyx or the Audiolab Mdac to hock it up via USB, i am just looking for someone who could help sharing his experience on how better is the Calyx above the AUDIOLAB, i would not like to spend almost double for the Calyx and find out that the performance is eighter equal or just a little bit better...   Thanks for reading   Cheers and help needed!   Miguel
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