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I listen to artists like: Kikou Sound Works, AVtechNO!, L75-3, S.C.X and Powerless Decision. They are all either jpop, electonic or something in between.It's weird though, as when i first got these they seemed to sound quite balanced. They have gotten louder and more harsh during the week i've had them.I admit that some of the songs were brighter out of the box than with my previous phones (Sennheiser CX 150) but now everything is so bright that it make my ears hurt. Not fun
Thanks for all the replies. I did take a look at all of the recommendations and is teems that only the yamaha EPH-100 is available where i live, and to me they seem too much like entry-fi monitors.   I don't want to buy many sets of cheap monitors, I want 1 set of great ones (from mid to hi-fi) So more recommendations would be appreciated.   How about the higher end Shures? Are they harsh as well? And Sennheiser IE 80 and others. Now i'm not quite sure about the...
When i first bought these IEMs they sounded well balanced and nice, but now they sound very bright and harsh (have been using these very extensively for a week now). I have very sensitive ears and listening these for long will make my ears hurt, which makes me want to upgrade.   By the way i use an iPod touch gen2 as my source and the worst quality i have in my library is mp3 320kbps (most of my library are ALAC), if that info has any relevance with this (could this...
Looks like the HFI-680 would be perfect for my budget, have you got any info about those and/or how they compare with the other phones mentioned?
Ok, i'v tried this once before (in an own thread, which didn't give me any aswers) but which one of these cans would meet my needs the best. I need to buy new headphones (to replace my CX 150 IEMs) as they aren't cutting it for me anymore. The type of music i listen to is mainly Electronic/Trance/DnB/Dubstep/Vocaloid and some (j)pop and classical, and i'm going to use the phones mainly with my 2g touch while on the go. (also i want a comfortable pair)   So...
I remember the firs week in school this year people were talking about IEMs and earbuds, and i just happened to hear them say "skullcandys are the best headphones out there!" - Made me cringe 
Yeah i too have seen a lot of ibuds...but they aren't headphones so i didn't include them on my last post.
I've seen someone with Grado RS-60is at my school, also seen a guy with some Audio- Technica cans (Probably ATH-M50 Pros) and some dude with uhm.. beats, but..yeahh... anyway, there is also a guy that i see on my commute who has Sennheiser HD 25-1 IIs
Something i realized after digging a little deeper on this is that:   The Sennheiser HD 25-1 IIs are 70 ohms.   The V-moda Crossfade M-80s are 28.5 ohms.   and   The Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro (LE 32 ohm) <--- obviously are 32 ohms.   As far as i know, the lower the better for portable headphones. Now when looked from this angle it seems like i should go for the Crossfades but i'm not sure how they compare in other areas.   if someone has or have...
Oh, also something to mention, all the headphones cost exactly the same!
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