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I own K550, FA003, MS1 and HD650.. M50 still sounds good to me. Yes, it's not the best available headphone in the world. But for the entry level, it is a strong contender since the sound sig is good enough for most people, especially with modern songs.
you're an audiophile when you ARE BUSY CHOOSING WHAT IS THE BEST IEM TO USE & WHAT FLAC SONG TO PLAY when you're going to bang ur wife/girlfriend.. ROFL
There will always be something better since the companies producing all those headphones keep on researching & making better ones.. but the thing is that we can't decide whether or not something is overrated since there are a lot of factors involved in it i.e. price, personal taste of music, etc. That's just my opinion though..
I'm a newbie here but this is my opinion regarding this matter. There is no use in saying something as overrated/not. And why do I say that? 1. People's preference (taste) of music/sound is different. This plays a big role on whether or not they like a signature sound of a Headphone. Some say Grado SR60 is way better than m50. Well, okay, according to who? 2. We won't know for sure the quality of a thing before we try it by ourselves. So, if ur friends want to buy a...
Is it sold out already? How much is it?
Okay, maybe this sounds stupid for you guys. But I want to know, is there any differences in the material used for cans launched in Western countries & Asian countries? I live in Indonesia, and I'm telling you this thing goes for cellphone i.e. iPhone. This results in the different quality and it's quite an issue for me myself. If it's different, then should I order the cans from Australia maybe? I will appreciate your opinions. Thanks..
Is there anyone who can help? LoL
Hi guys, I used to find out references for audio in this forum & I think they've been good til now. I'm still newbie and this is also my first thread here. I would like to ask for opinions in choosing headphone amp for Audio Technica M50. People says that it doesn't really need an amp. But I do want to have an amp. What I'm looking for is a $50-$100 amp that can provide a good sount staging & clearer sound for me. So far, I've been looking for FiiO E6, but is there any...
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