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I don't want to sound like a dick but i get the feeling you want a decent sounding pair of headphones that will look good enough beside a pair of Beats. Honestly and truly the Shures are the best (imo) set of headphones inyour price range for monitoring. The KRK's are close behind them but I personally didn't really like them that much. But if all you want is something that looks good most purpose built won't satisfy your needs. BTW, the 271mkii's are excellent sounding...
Benga feat Walsh- BASSFACE   Badman tune through and through!
  Tekken Blood Vengeance. I love tekken and I really enjoed this movie too. Who's seen it?
Yes i was refering to the studios; unfortunately I won't have the chance to hear the 240DS, I was just curious. :) Luckily I like most ice cream.
How do the K240s MK1 compare to the K240DF? I just ordered the K240S MK1's and am now feeling a little scared due to all the shouting about them being inferior headphones.
I'm listening to the DT770's right now, personally i think the sony MDR-7506 might be a nice phone to consider as well. I find the mids and treble just barely lacking enough in the DT770's to go for the MDR-7506 for some music. But the Beyer bass is damn near unbeatable.
I Have a better idea! Buy the DL110, put it on the 1200mk2 (<--My setup), take the rest of your $500 and either buy a new preamp OR buy HEADPHONES!!!! BTW, the Denon plus Technics combo is legendary and now that I have it i completely concur.
  Awesome artist, not his best work but has some excellent cuts.
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