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Are you in germany?
Bass wise? Funny because the TH600 and HE-500 spoil me for bass, not the K7XX
It's great for these genres but i always wanted just a touch more bass. Ahw well to each their own
I saw a Kenwood supreme 500 at the same place I bought my CA-600.... Why do i need to save money right now??
 Didn't use tweezers... suddenly it all makes sense!I halfway agree with you actually. What type of music do you listen to? You do feel SOME but its not a basshead can at all
I guess its like running mono blocks in a speaker rig
Anything over 48 hours of burn-in seems stupid to me; if you have a bunch of gear to switch through it does make it much easier to appreciate or at least narrow down what you like. If after one week you don't like a pair of headphones you probably won't like them at all; synergy exists but even a bad pairing will retain the base qualities. Wow you didn't like for almost a week? I didn't like them for a couple hours and then thought they were better than ok for a day but...
 For me the CA-600 does all of the above and loses nothing, maybe it makes my HE-500's sound warmer but i don't consider that a loss. Ditto with my DV3322 and CA-600 combo; all my headphones are well fed and I could easily run almost any other headphone as well. Agreed with speaker tap suggestion, only I don't use resistors.See above
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