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The skin I live in 8.5/10   Disturbing, weird, chilling and horrific but so damn good! Too calm to be so crazy and manipulative. Antonio Banderas puts a really wicked performance into this one
The K712 bass isn't exactly punchy but it's not absent at all. Maybe consider a Hifiman HE400 or an HE-400i
I think your talking in reverse. You output your Aune into your amp?Yeah I don't know what was up last night because Tape B was all static and and Tape A was static and mostly dead on the left side, now it's a glorious sound  Also yesterday Phono 1 wouldn't work unless i put a sharpie in between the two terminals (the channels seem to alternate between which won't work). It's been fairly well deoxit cleaned but I might have to get a serious servicing for it.
I think this is going to be the only time I recommend a Sennheiser over an AKG but the K712 might be to fatiguing for your needs. I feel pain for saying that.... I haven't yet had the fortune to listen to the Phillips Fidelio X1 or X2 but they might also be a consideration 
Haven't heard the Fidelio but the K240 is the reason why 60% of my headphone collection are AKG headphones.If you want a good closed portable headphone check out both the Sony MDR-7506 and the shure SRH-840
A) You have no posts aside from this one which usually makes all members very weary of conducting business. B) you haven't filled in any info on your profile. Unfortunately this makes it seem like you have a scam account; hopefully you can provide more info and up your posts to succesfully make purchases
Does anyone use their vintage receiver as a sort of pre-amp to their headphone amp? Basically I want to use the phono stage of my amp (as well as any other inputs)  then run my DV3322 out of the Yamaha. When i tried this earlier off the "tape rec out" I got a wicked hum in my DV3322, when Itried to use the "Pre-out" it sounded really nice but I had to use all of the volume (loudness on full and the volume maxxed out) which caused obvious distortion. I guess I need to use...
Agreed, my TH600 are having a great time right now
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