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Soul Bossa Trio- Naima
  The bold parts alone would make this the truest post to a beginner Vinyl head ever. 
Saw someone awhile ago at a busstop wearing the Senn HD598 alongside a very wangster hoody. I highly doubt 50 cent from your ipod is a good rep of those headphones but then again I didn't get off my bus to ask him what the heck he was doing.
I get the feeling it would, but I'm not sure why.... Probably not helpful but my first thought is DON'T DO IT!!!
  Picked this up yesterday and am running it through my brand new AKG K240 MK1. AWESOME!!!!
You know your an Audiophile when you realize that the local bar is using Winamp to play music and seriously try to work the word "Winamp" into a pickup line for the cute barmaid...  (couldn't find one)
I'm not saying headphones are unimportant, I'm saying that skill is your best friend. If you develop your skill on your MIDI/keyboard on making good music, then learn the basics of mastering on some good headphones (I think an upgrade from your portapro's isn't a bad decision). The reason I suggested that you get a DAC and such was because you seemed indifferent to what the unified suggestion of what you should get was; almost as if you already knew what you wanted...
  My opinion (take it with a lot of salt) is that you should a nice DAC first, that will take some pressure of your laptop cpu and make producing and rendering smoother. Then get your midi controllers and keyboards. It's easier to learn to make good music on bad equipment while learning the basics of mastering through ****ty equipment while saving up for excellent equipment. If its mostly for you and your friends that your currently making music for learning how to make...
Whatever you like playing your music out off is best! Records sound just as good through either headphones or speakers.
You'll still need a preamp, you can get a decent one for around a $75+ if you go to a professional music store (Guitar Center, Tom Lee's, L&M etc). Honestly and truly I think to really get the most out of vinyl requires a $250-350 budget for the table alone, $80 for the preamp and a MINIMUM of $90 for your cartridge. For example my current setup is a used technics sl1200mk2 ($300), Denon DL110 ($160), ART USB phono plus ($110). The thing with cheaper turntables is...
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