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I have a Cakewalk UA-1G that powers my headphones decently but its USB bus powered. I also own the K240 mk1, and those headphones seem (by my ears) to be tuned for acoustic instruments over synthesized bass; BUT if I power them through anything other then my headphone amp I know I'm missing most of their magic. Also they are harder to drive then my DT-770 80ohm.
   So I just got a DVD-3910 from my chef and as I was doing research on it I encountered this: popular mod (the one roughly half way down labeled "Ultimate Modification") and realized I really want to add tubes to this CD player. I was wondering how is it done and could someone proficient at DIY projects (a friend of mine) be able to do this, if so what would they need? The reason I'm looking DIY is because I'm...
For old school vibe tracks like this I prefer my AKG K240's for the mid and the space it gives the beat.   But for harder beats (new school) I'll take my DT770's every time. Figured I'd drop this older Kendrick cut that makes my Beyers happy.
I only scratch and I'm using a Numark CDX (one of like 3 still working in the known universe it seems) and a Vestax PMC-08 pro (Vestax mixers are the shizznit!!).
Audio Technica M50, Beyer DT770, Sony MDR-7506 would be my suggestions as their all fairly bass heavy and leak no sound as well as being comfortable.
  It uses a sample of live drums that's nice to test mids and transient response.
  Nice, a follow DJ! Though your a lot more into it then I am right now.
  Awesome song from Dwele.
New Headphone!!   1) AKG K240- awesome for jazz, vocals and funk plus their fun as hell and nicely revealing. 2) Sony MDR-7506 - Their my reference for judgements on other cans. 3) Beyer DT770 80 ohm- Just havent listened to much bass music recently.
    Just got my AKG K240 studios, frigging in love!
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