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No clue, I think I saw a thread where they were decent.... Not every AKG needs an amp, my K240's are good without but vastly superior with.
If your parents wouldn't be able to handle a computer your probably better of using a dedicated high-end CD player seeing as there is far less complication with a single unit as opposed to two. The only advantage I could see to using a cheap transport+high-end DAC would be if you had a PC as an additional source and wanted to get the best sound from both but since your not inclined to go that route you would be better served with a single unit.
How about some Shures? I doubt he'd think they look ugly and they sound good. Maybe Fostex T50rp? I'm an AKG fanboy so I'd recommend anything from them (pretty much every AKG except for the K812 I've seen for under $280). And Finally the reigning (IMO) kings of affordable sexy headphones     Meze 73 classic
For what its worth I listened to the Marantz HD DAC1 about 2 weeks ago and preferred this to it...
Hahaha this, it's not much but it has decent power. I'm probably going to upgrade soonish. Anyhow, in comparison to the K612's the center sounds more in your head as opposed to in front of you, its a little brighter has less bass impact but a warm midrange, also definitely much more fun. Haven't really compared it to the K340's or K240's but I have a couple hunches to how they all relate.
 I agree, the treble is pretty wrenching straight out of the box but I find that out of my AKG stable these might be the most exciting pair. Using your car analogy these are like a Lotus, exciting by being just enough to get the job done while being luxurious enough to be forgiving. The only thing I don't like is how the lack deep bass, especially in comparison to the K612's. 
They are wicked straight out of the box, fairly bright and somewhat sibilant but also clear and musical. 2 hours thus far.
I received my tracking number 2 days after it had shipped but it still worked out, likewise a bunch of canadiens (some having ordered after me too!) got theirs first.All in all massdrop had trouble shipping things in order and properly.
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