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What's your budget and what do you listen to?
I like my K7XX ( which are only slightly different) but i do at times find them bright. Tube rolling and the nature of your source might decrease the biting nature of the treble but it will always be there. The AKG K612 is a great alternative that can be had very cheaply in the used forum.
I run my HE-500 off the speaker tabs with no resistor or anything (i literally cut the 1/4 Jack off of a spare cable, used a multimeter to figure out which wire was positive and which was negative and then hooked that into my amp) if your not ready for it that's totally fair i was just curious though 😁
Odd because the ember is often suggested for the K/Q-series and I recall hearing good things about the Lyr and K7xx combo
Glad to hear another convert, especially seeing as your using Planars. Next I would love to hear your impressions using your LCD3's off of the speaker taps
Didn't use a pipe cleaner but i will remember that! thanks
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Peachtree and a HD800s are pretty good for a newbie!
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