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You could stick with sony and get mdr-7506's, there amazing and block noise fairly well plus the don't require an amp.
I'll do top three on each category because I like messing up y'all plans, and I'll add qoutes because I'm SO SINCERRR BOUT MINE.   Best lyrcist: 1) Biggie Smalls- "I got techniques dripping out my butt cheeks, sleep on my stomach so I don't F*** up my sheets" 2) Jay-Z- "I run the block (run), Pull up in a drop (pull up) , Push up on my money (push up). I'm in great shape dummy. I keep jacks jumping 36 sets. like a personal trainer I teach coke to stretch" 3)...
Say hello- Jay-Z
I'm more then game for a march/april Vancouver Island meet; i could make it to van too.
@Aaron909 where did you get those speaker stand extension things?? My desk is almost identical to yours and I know my Mackies need to be farther apart, that looks perfect.
Give Jah Glory- DMZ   BASSLIFE!!
I have the ART usb preamp, its actually really nice! I have yet to use it to transfer files but I'm happy knowing it can.
    Makes my Monitors happy
6 seems like overkill, maybe put something tall under there?
Those legs don't look very balanced my friend, I wouldn't put my studio monitors anywhere near those.
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