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Wdll I hope you get what you were looking for wherever you head to next 
should be good. Haven't heard it personally though
Kinda makes sense seeing as many pc overheated the other day and inside the case is very clean
Absolute numbers are nicer than "as cheap as possible"It's hard to go wrong with Little dot products and i thoroughly enjoy my darkvoice amp
At your budget you wont get an upgrade, maybe a change of pace but not really an upgrade. Maybe check out a used final audio pandora/sonorus?Edit: waaaay out of your budget
Lol that airflow
The audio technica headphones mentioned are in fact designed originally for studio use. I used to have the MDR7506 and found it to be an excellent portable headphone straight out of my phone. I really doubt you'll have many issues with them aside from the fact that they are bright in tone but unless your extremely sensitive or listening at earsplitting levels it shouldn't be a problem. As a fellow Canadian head-fier i hope you get a can that suits your needs. EDIT:...
+1 for the Fostex TH-X00. No idda what "nightstep" is but my TH-600 are phenominal for dubstep and almost all forms of electronic music.
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