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+1 for DT990; maybe check out the Audio Technica ATH-A700x?
Sony makes respectable studio headphones but I doubt the MDR-7520 is going to give you anything the SRH1540 doesnt already. Maybe try Focal or KRK headphones seeing as both of those brands also specialize in studio monitors.
If you dont like bass then DT770's are probably out, but the HD598's should be good. As for amping, its recommended but it wont sound bad without it. Personally I think amps color/add to the sound of most headphones under 150ohm as opposed to driving them. ATH-A500X could also be an option, but might still be a bit bassy for your tastes
I used to use this amp for my K340's and HE500 before I upgraded and it did a really nice job. The hardest part of this equation is that you want to add your phone.
loves me only
I would hope so, but the D5000 is (apparently) very close to the D7000 which is (as stated in the Flagship shootout) close enough to the TH900. So if the TH600 is marginaly better then the D5000 but still less than the TH900 its the best choice even if its marginally more expensive. In theory....
Hahaha No problem captain
Which is better between TH600 and D5000? (I feel like I'm hyjacking this thread...)
    Oppo PM-1's LOOVE this song!!!
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