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Most instrument stores will have an area dedicated to recording, there you will find the "ATH-M50" and "SRH840", I have no idea where you would find the UE6000 though
A little closer to Garage then deep house but its still my jam:  
"Palace"- Clams Casino\A$AP Rocky (Clams Casino made the beat for A$AP Rocky and then released it online for free. LOADS of bass, hi-hat track will expose overly bright headphones, and the backing choir adds some cool soundstage.)   "Gold Watch"- Lupe Fiasco  (Nice pace, fairly open sound nice mid-range too, can reveal Sibilance and any harshness)   "Good to you" Talib Kweli feat Kanye West (Very technical beat, the drum track and backing guitar line compliment each...
  Pretty much any Kanye beat, but I love this one pretty close to above all else.
  Awesome album cover to cover
My suggestions (in order) are: Sony MDR7506/V6 (cheap, damn near indestructible and excellent sound through any source), Shure SRH840 (they sound like a slightly less fun 7506 but are slightly more detailed) Audio Technica M50 (good but i liked the other two better)   JVC and Panasonic make some decent headphones too and House of Marley surprised me with their audio quality but I havent heard a headphone from those brands that held up against my top 3 picks.
  Beautifull song
Maya Jane Coles ESSENTIAL MIX!!!   its a few years old but it defs makes my neck move
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