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Sending the PM-1's out tomorrow; glad I got to try them out and hope the next person enjoys them! Quick review: Build/ Fit and finish 10/10 The PM-1's feel solid and reassuring the second you take them out of the case, very attractive modern finish that feels like a lot of effort was put into it. Even though this has been passed around Canada the headphone still looks and feels brand new. Comfort 10/10 Very light! probably the same weight or less than the DT770's and...
For those who don't mind new-ish rap:   [[SPOILER]]
I have the Darkvoice 3322 and it pairs well with my HE-500's but I'm extremely curious about the 339 seeing as it's supposed to be among the best pairings. It was supposed to be a bad pairing according to certain reviews.. 
I can't seem to find any info on the difference aside from maybe pads and cable. I suggest Sony as an upgrade for you for sure.
  I wonder how close it will be to the AKG K340's? it could be a worthwhile upgrade.
Hey, welcome to head-fi! Introduce yourself at the canadian forum http://www.head-fi.org/t/753091/canadian-head-fiers-counting Maybe the sony MDR-7510? I like my MDR-7506 better than the DT770's i own, plus I want to try the MDR-7520's....
I love buying things from australia, it makes my wallet feel strong and forget head-fi
I spotted myself running errands with the Oppo PM-1's in downtown vancouver..... 
If they are brand new unopened and being sold at cost it not a big deal, especially seeing as this is no longer available to anyone outside of the US. I do have a problem with people trying to sell them at huge mark-ups. Stuff like this is disgracefull.
Lol I can only test the TH600 (which i liked)
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