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your choice, all my audio gear I've purchased used and had work well for me but its all up to you. The nice thing about used gear is that you can sometimes pick up end game gear for mid-range prices.
Well the TH-600 and TH-X00 are almost identical through and through so OP the could definitely pick up a used TH-600 for around the same price.
Welcome to Head-fi, sorry about your wallet!
The HD700 is lighter at 270g but a Stax SR-009 is 454g without the cable. Different headphone yes but for an endgame can to be roughly the same 100g difference means it couldn't be that bad. Yes closed cans have a smaller soundstage but their not as bad as people make them out to be. The width is almost often the same in size it's just the way ambient noise (no matter how subtle) interact with open cans it what makes open cans sound bigger and therefore open. Hope the OP...
1) HE-500: Running off of my speaker it makes everything I throw at it sound good! Excellent separation and detail, fantastic bass fun and engaging.   2)MDR-7520: Portable fun and pretty nice at making me forgot I'm on the train! wonderful vocals make pimsluer easy to listen to.   3.1) TH-600: BASSS! All the fun, great detail and makes me want to just keep listening.   3.2) K240 sexttet Smooth, relaxing, engaging loves vocals   4) K612: Excellent for movies...
I don't much care for sennheisers so I'm not your best choice for that question
Agree. What type of music will you be composing? You might want to stick with shure and try th SRH940 or SRH1840
DT-770 has more bass than the DT-990 and is very fast and engaging (from my memory) it's a little on the bright side but you can use a warmer amp to counter this. Not sure who ships to Romania or what's available. EDIT: If you spend your money wisely you will get High-end sound, the question is weather or not it will be end-game.
The old Hififman headphones are heavy and (somewhat) uncomfortable but that has been fixed in the new lines of Hifiman headphones. Also my TH-600 soundstage is definetly not small, It might not quite match the K7XX but it's not tiny either. The OP said that treble can be an issue so the HD-700 is best considered if it can't be returned on the off chance it's not liked. I  Unless the TH-X00 has much better mids and a less prominent treble than the TH-600 I don't think it...
Let's make this a little easier for us to give you advice.  1)Where do you live?2)What's the most you can spend? For your needs the Beyerdynamic DT-770 might be a better choice
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