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Nice! I thought I was the only Ahmad Jamal fan!
Big Boi through Senn's? I guess you like your bass different than I.
 What I meant to say was that in my opinion monitors tend to give more to your music in an engaging sense as compared to speakers which I always find enjoyable versus surreal. I dont listen to metal but from what I have heard you probably want something that are fast, with good midrange, bass and dynamic range. I think you should stay away from Yamaha monitors (to bright not enough mid), KRK's (oodles of bass but considered kind of sloppy). Swan and Adam would probably...
Go with monitors partly for convinience and partly for there "revealing" nature. What kind of sound signature do you like? Also what type of music do you most listen to? That can swing your decision too. 
    Was really good, even with the nudity  super ambiguous ending. 7/10
my brotha, may i suggest toe-in for your speakers? I always find that monitors like that a lot 
Thank God for Burial! I watched "Ghost Dog: The way of the Samurai" the other night too.     Wicked mix here!
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