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This is my reveiw of the PM-1's. Obviously It's not going to be exactly the same sound wise as the PM-3 but i mention the HE-500's in it.
Try speaker stands
They have more bass compared to my K7XX's which are said to have more bass than the Q701 so that makes sense, but compared to the TH600's (from my memory of a 15 mintue test) they are shy. Also they are shy compared to the DT770's they replaced.
Yeah buddy, sorry but I think the minimum is 10 or 20....
I just got these today via a head-fi trade and really enjoy them so far! My only qualm is that they are basslight (especially coming from the DT770 and seeing as my next headphone will be the TH600). If these had more bass impact I would be in love, still just good enough for house though!
it that people
lool get posting
Glad you like them! 
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