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Philips Fidelio X2 or Hifiman HE-400s are good options in your price range. Buy used and you can get an amp as well 
Try Sony MDR-7506 or Shure SRH840 both are studio grade headphones with great detail retrieval and neutral/balanced sound. (it would be weird to hear a singer closing their lips; sounds almost unappealing)  If you want that much detail eventually look at the sennheiser HD700 or HD800, they are considered two of the most detailed headphones as well as having great soundstage.
    would later birth one of the songs that inspired my avatar but damn this song is amazing!!
[[SPOILER]] That must absolutely thump!! How close to the walls are those studios? Looks you've treated the room and toe'd them in. Would be a shame if reflection was killing it
Whats with the pricing? It seems to be all over the map depending on the source  Vintage Marantz equipment is well respected and a cursory search of the one you mentioned brings only good news.Pray no one has snapped it up and bargain it down if you can. 
+1 for using a speaker amp for HE-500, I found it was everything i liked about the HE-5oo done better and nicely refined  Seems to be a very popular/suggested combo and the H10 seems to do well with many other headphones.Kind of similar to the way I'm running mine (repost from earlier in this thread)  Ghetto ***** cable job though but it sounds wonderful!
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