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 If you like the JBL's more get them especially since they're on sale, sub's aren't always necessary with near field's; my Mackies pack a punch with 5's. Do you have the desk space for 8's? They will sound terrible if they are to close together and ESPECIALLY if they're to close to a wall (8 inches minimum from the wall behind)
The World of Amy Winehouse on Songza
    7/10   Was pretty good, had some throw away peices here and there but the characters were all interesting and the whole "look at the humanity!!" concept was decently done.
I own the Mackie MR5 mk2's and love the heck out of em; the MR8's are too much for what you're need them for. If you can test the MR5 mk3's against the JBL LSR305's you can figure out which one you like most. I highly recommend the mackie's but its up to your ears to decide. The MR5's will sound very similar to the MR8's but with a slightly more restrained bass response. 
  Clams Casino Instrumental tape Vol.2
Adam F5's
What room correction software do you use? I've considered correcting my listening room/bedroom
I havent heard them in that setup, but I also didnt like the HD800's when I heard them in another setup. I just havent heard any Sennheisers that i liked to be frank I'm just weird like that 
I know!!!!  Wish I could go 
    Got this on vinyl for $0.75 at a pawn shop the other day but its crackly as hell!!  Started playing it only to realize the left channel of my SL1200 doesnt work.... Luckily my speaker controller (Nano patch+) only outputs mono........
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