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I definitely believe these headphones require burn-in: I got mine with just under 100hrs use on them and i don't think the smoothed out until a further 50. 
You might be able to find a used pair of T70p or T70 on head-fi but I'm not exactly sure how the sound compares
  Wow that looks NICE!
You got it!
 When I say "Objective" I meant the objective of the headphone being a strong debut as a companies flagship headphone.I assume that the objective of this loaner program was to spread the word and get feedback about there TOTL product; I pictured the "objective grade" as my overall view without bias based on what I own. Yes, that's a personal view but I assume that's why they choose to mail 3 $1,100 headphones and 2 $700 headphones around the head-fi community. No fight was...
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Lool sure you are right that it should be compared to new flagships but I have the K340's in front of me and I want to know if the Dharma fixes the things I don't like about the K340's while keeping (or improving) it's strong points. I like them almost as much as my HE-500's which seem to be considered comparable to the HD800's so it'll be nice to hear the 3 together imo.
Sending the PM-1's out tomorrow; glad I got to try them out and hope the next person enjoys them! Quick review: Build/ Fit and finish 10/10 The PM-1's feel solid and reassuring the second you take them out of the case, very attractive modern finish that feels like a lot of effort was put into it. Even though this has been passed around Canada the headphone still looks and feels brand new. Comfort 10/10 Very light! probably the same weight or less than the DT770's and...
For those who don't mind new-ish rap:   [[SPOILER]]
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