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Usually stand alones are better than combo's. The first thing you should do is get a "proper audiophile amp" (if you are comparing your current to most setups your amp is not reasonable). BUT, you are on the brink of an extremely slippery slope so choose your next question carefully 
K612 does not use memory foam pads like the K7XX's do.
Lonely Avenue- Ray Charles
OP specifically said open-backed so I guess options are:Sennheiser 5-series and 6-series (used)AKG 7-series (K7XX from massdrop or all the 7's used here)Sony MA9000 (used)Audio Technica AD5000/7000
Unfortunately not everyone has heard the HD800's and according to certain threads their notoriously picky towards amps and don't always give their best presentation accordingly. Besides there's gotta be at least more people than just me who hate then sennheiser house sound.
Dependant on budget but I'll bite.Try LCD2's or LCDX'S if you like warm signatures, HD800's if you want something a little cleaner. If budget is an issue then K7XX's/K7-series would be good or HD600/650 used; AD700 and MA9000 are good too. I am personally very interested in the shure SRH-1840. But we cant narrow it down until we no yourbudget
Not to mention hifiman going toe to toe with big brands and U.S. based boutique brands (Audeze) and winning!
If its for portable use you (imo) shouldn't use open-headphones anyways.its very dependant on what you listen to and what signature you like.
Agreed, compared to the the K7XX's the K612 is more power hungry on an amp. The tube amp i use currently is $60 on ebay so its a good low cost starting point if you want to try an amp and dont mind Chinese products.
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