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I only scratch and I'm using a Numark CDX (one of like 3 still working in the known universe it seems) and a Vestax PMC-08 pro (Vestax mixers are the shizznit!!).
Audio Technica M50, Beyer DT770, Sony MDR-7506 would be my suggestions as their all fairly bass heavy and leak no sound as well as being comfortable.
  It uses a sample of live drums that's nice to test mids and transient response.
  Nice, a follow DJ! Though your a lot more into it then I am right now.
  Awesome song from Dwele.
New Headphone!!   1) AKG K240- awesome for jazz, vocals and funk plus their fun as hell and nicely revealing. 2) Sony MDR-7506 - Their my reference for judgements on other cans. 3) Beyer DT770 80 ohm- Just havent listened to much bass music recently.
    Just got my AKG K240 studios, frigging in love!
Soul Bossa Trio- Naima
  The bold parts alone would make this the truest post to a beginner Vinyl head ever. 
Saw someone awhile ago at a busstop wearing the Senn HD598 alongside a very wangster hoody. I highly doubt 50 cent from your ipod is a good rep of those headphones but then again I didn't get off my bus to ask him what the heck he was doing.
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