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https://soundcloud.com/samgellaitry/riseset   Really wish we could embed soundcloud links....
Thats cool i guess...
Interesting, I keep hearing this being said but my Darkvoice 3322 plays very well with my reasonably low impedance K612 and K7XX while driving my K240 sextett and K340 with no neglible improvement. I feel as if darkvoice amps arent as picky as other OTL's..... 
Can someone elaborate?
  The EL-8 closed sucked... What more can I say?  I prefered the EL-8 open to LCD-3 due to the earpads (I'm weird like that) and the sound signature being not to my liking. The EL-8's gave my HE-500's a run for sure BUT I didn't feel it would be an upgrade or even a decent sidegarde to get them. Didn't detect any sibilance James but I didn't have them on for all that long anyways
Listened to a few new Audeze headphones yesterday (EL-8 closed and open, LCD3) and the HE-560 and felt that my HE-500 bested the 560 and wasn't losing anything to the Audezes if not beat them in areas
Really? I did't notice any change in tightness. Do you have any specific bass test tracks?  From every comparison I've read thus far the differences between the K7XX and K712 is negligible at best; I have seen a few K7XX going for $175 in places and its also driven the prices on the rest of the 7-series which is awesome too. I haven't had any issues with my pair and I'm pretty sure it was only like 9% of customers had problems just that everyone talked about those issues...
Amy Winehouse wearing MDR-7506's in the "Amy" documentary.
lab rats at
As they say the choice is yours
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