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  I do speak english, thanks for your courteous question. I'm assuming you read the question differently than I did because the OP asked how they could run multiple  speakers simultaneously. You suggested they buy more speakers and subs, which I thought didn't answer the question at all.
Th Behringer Mon800 has 2 pairs of RCA outputs and 1 pair of TRS outs, If you wanted to you could use one set of RCA's for your headphone amp and the other for your sub, then the TRS outs for your Rokits.
    AKG K172HD
It would work 100%, it might have a slightly colored sound (maybe bass heavy because they are designed as club gear) but it'll work for sure.
^^^^^^ NO   Get something like the Behringer Mon800 and run your PICO into it, your the TRS out and your headphone out of either the included jack or Gilmore.   OR get the Focusrite Saffire 6 and toss your Pico.
Audio technica M50`s and the occasional Shure SRH840 or 440. Too many beats, lots of Sony`s mostly MDR-MX300`s though....
Sony MDR-7509P (In canada things are a little more expensive so I paid $151 after tax but even for that price their amazing) In the USA they go for between $100-$130, they in my opinion out perform the Shure SRH840.   Apex HP96 ($74.95 CAN before tax) Sounds EXACTLY like the pioneer HDJ-1500 for half the price. They felt a little loose on my head though and I`m not sure if they`d last long.
    One of my favourite songs by far now.
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