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If its for portable use you (imo) shouldn't use open-headphones anyways.its very dependant on what you listen to and what signature you like.
Agreed, compared to the the K7XX's the K612 is more power hungry on an amp. The tube amp i use currently is $60 on ebay so its a good low cost starting point if you want to try an amp and dont mind Chinese products.
  DT770/80ohm vs K612pro and the AKG's had me like: 
    AKG's make this song so good!
I said the OP SHOULDN'T get a transport and dac combo and instead get a single high end unit.
No clue, I think I saw a thread where they were decent.... Not every AKG needs an amp, my K240's are good without but vastly superior with.
If your parents wouldn't be able to handle a computer your probably better of using a dedicated high-end CD player seeing as there is far less complication with a single unit as opposed to two. The only advantage I could see to using a cheap transport+high-end DAC would be if you had a PC as an additional source and wanted to get the best sound from both but since your not inclined to go that route you would be better served with a single unit.
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