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Not yet but I've also heard that there are three confirmed versions made in the run of K340's which might explain what they were saying.
Sip but not savor though.  I'm curious when Jude will have a preview of them?
Yes if you can afford a HE-500 I believe that would be your best bet. I can assure you they are cheaper than $900, very curious where you saw that price
Agreed, whats the point of adding things to an object we already think (might) be over priced just to justify the price? It won't actually help  the headphone and would hurt resale value if anything was wrong with the jade box/base. I meant that facetiously, but thanks for the clarification!
HE-500 is an excellent choice and has been a sure fire end game or potential in many head-fier's arsenal including mine. Very nice soundstage, great bass and still detailed without being harsh.
Agreed its been at least 4
So do you still wait for the tubes to heat up or does it rise when its warm? I must be simpleton because that seems only a little cool and not that awesome to me.hopefully this is true because Mr. Fang is getting torn apart of this stuff and I kind of agree.  Is jade cheap enough to make that possible? Also if its being done by hand that will be WAAY more than 45k per dont you think?
    Right??? "Some Unholy War (original version)" by Amy Winehouse is absolutely heart wrenching through the HE-500 
+1 when it comes to the HE-500 being nice aswell a the HE-560 being very different sounding. No idea how the DV336se sounds but if it continues the Darkvoice sound it should be great. Should work well for you but we will know soon enough! Agreed on the sensitivity point, that alone has a very important effect on the pairings
I have to disagree with you both here and in doing so provide a word of warning; price doesn't always equate quality especially when it comes to headphones which rely so heavily on synergy. If money meant better quality my HE-500's with my DV3322 should vastly outperform my AKG K612's with the same amp instead the HE-500's don't play nicely with that amp at all. You would be best served going to the T5p thread and inquiring about what amps people use if you are as...
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