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You don't think Clams Casino and SpaceGhostPurrp are good producers??????? A lil shocked I'am.
            There be my setup; the cheap headphone amp I ordered on ebay hasn't showed up yet though :(
Yeah man!  
I'm in victoria!!!! I love a get together!!
How much would you pay for it? If you listen to a pair of headphones and say: "I'll pay no more than $20 for this" it's probably  unacceptable. If you'll spend up to $150 on it it's probably decent, and $250+ (imo) is great. 
100% Just Because one person can drop $700+ on a single pair of headphones doesn't mean sub $250 headphones aren't high end. When i told my roommates that my headphones cost about $200 each they both said "wooow... BALLER!!" If i told them the next set of headphones I want (Shure SRH1840) costs more than my third of the rent they'd lose their minds.
  Word to DJ premier and my MR5's
Shure SRH240 and Porta-pro's; I haven't seen any Beats in awhile.
  Clams Casino Baby!!
    Clams Casino- Palace. It will make anything with bass and clarity very happy, no lie
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