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I just took a quick look through the used amp section here and there are good amount of sub $200 amps including a few that i mentioned that would make a good starting point
And stop the
Little Dot Mk (1+,2,3) all of which can be bought used for sub $200Elekit TUH80 (diy kit is sub $200)Bravo Audio v2 (super low priced and gets good reviews)Also check the used forum here
about to start "the unconsoled" by kazuo ishiguro
    5.5/10   All of the plot twists I expected didn't happen and the story felt aimless. Maybe better in a re-read or two....
live as he-man
I feel for your wallet, lool. I'm partial to tube amps so I would suggest one in the $50-150 range. Depending on your patience and willingness to take small risks there are plenty of no-name chinese amps that would be good starters, if you don't like the idea of that there are plenty of little dot amps (MK 1/1+, 2, 3) to be had used or brand new in that price range and a few DYI Elekit or Garage1217 amps that you can get for around there. For what its worth my $50 chinese...
IMO if you dont hear rattle during music and only during extreme testing that a product was never supposed to do anyways, it doesnt matter.
Yeah? I'm in the P-funk right now but I'll get on this as soon as I comeback down.
I can't speak for every 7-series headphone but what I hear on my K7XX is more akin to 3-blobs, a center sound in the middle and then a wide left and right with no center-left and center-right. I think this is more a product of the way it projects sound than anything else, but you WILL NOT only hear the sides if thats what your afraid of. 
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