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Oh man, I just received my K612's 2 weeks ago, emailed a craigslist ad for K340's this evening AND got in on this drop (1260 i think)..... I blame Kman who told me the K7-series is better than the K6's....
  Hmmm.... I ran pink noise to my K612's today for about 6 hours and it removed the treble harshness I'd been hearing and only slightly killed the graininess; I hear oogles of bass thru the K612 and I choose it over the K712's specifically because everyone says its anemic in the bass region. Also I think I'm somewhat sensitive to upper treble but you've just pressed a button of curiosity that reminds me of the Q701's on craigslist near me... Maybe if I don't get the K340's...
Yeah, I should really get on ordering the parts hahaha :S
I just got my K612's off a fellow head-fi member; its interesting that some people prefer the K712's to the K612's, the initial reviews and comparisons between the 2 led me to choose the K612's. Comparatively is the treble on the K712's brighter/harsher than the K612's; is the bass leaner on the K712's? The bass impact and tightness is almost perfect for me on the '612's. 
Hahaha just read your username. For me the benefit is that I could use the same cables as all my AKG headphones and that they are solid when connected but easy to pull off (just press a button) as opposed to using a 3.5mm which is just friction. I'm considering making it inline instead (i.e. about an inch from the driver as part of the cord).
Are you sure it wasn't the left side you did? You wouldn't happen to be able to answer my question posted above (3-pin mini-XLR)?
      Me & Mrs Jones
    Taking a break from my K612's to break out the DT770's for this one. Gaslamp Killer essential mix
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