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Yes, a pre-amp is neccesary; turntables output a phono level which is much lower than a line level, its so low that you cant simply turn the volume up to hear anything. My pre-amp cost me $100 (Art USB Phono Plus) but it can be found for less nowadays. If you don't have speakers and you don't have an amp look on craigslist for any amp that has a phono stage built in (it will say phono on one of the inputs) these will range in price between $50-$300 depending on the brand...
You will need a phono stage (also known as a pre-amp), you might need a headshell and cartridge as well. Do you have a receiver? 
Clams Casino Mixtape 3
What speaker is that? Whats that awesome looking device under the turntable? Pics and description of your whole set up? 
+2 craigslist; hahaha if you were in victoria I'd sell so my desk for cheap!
El Bulli: cooking in progress - 6/10   Gorgoues stills, interesting soundtrack, nice cinematography but I spent half the movie wondering if something more interesting would happen and the other half grinning and wondering how people could be so awesomely crazy.         Sword of Doom 8/10 (would be 10/10 but my download didnt have subtitles)   All the parts I didn't understand were dialogue driven but other wise a phenomenal movie. Highly recommended 
Are your eyes not dead from being that close to a 40" tv???
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