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honestly it doesn't really seem like you want to buy anything... I've been wrong before but at this point you have to just get something because theres always more options the more you ask and a million different opinions to boot.
Oh which K240's? You wouldn't happen to still have them?  True emough about it not being punchy but its very inline with many other "neutral cans"
Bass isn't lacking with these, it won't satisfy a bass head but most people won't complain because the overall tonality and sound is quite good. This is the other side to opinions for every one person that says its to bass light theres someone else who thinks its too boasted. Have you heard the Q701/2?
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^         someone tell that engineer about toe in and room treatment.
Interesting how there is something of a 50/50 split between people have heard both and preferred one to the other. What were you driving the 500's with? I find the bass to be both impactfull and tight off of my Vintage receivers speaker taps. Though the 560 is airier and wider I found that everything is well separated and defined within the space through the 500 so it sounds much like a set of nearfield studio monitors versus a set of bookshelf speakers. With the songs...
Hahaha an apt nickname; sounds like you took the time to make it right! 
I thought the 400i wasn't bad and it reminded me of the 500 and i thought the 560 was less fun than the 500 so you might not like those at all YMMV
 you loved the HE-400 why not get a used HE-500 and a vintage speaker amp?
The M50X is the knee jerk recommendation, lot's of members (me included) don't actually like them.
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