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lint roller?
Thus far the K612's are the most neutral headphones I've heard, I guess the K501 is a wider soundstage withe less bass compared to your K601?
Unreal album!
I've heard (here) that the K501's are one of the finest jewell's akg ever produced. I'd like to find out for my self soon
this situation is
That Woo audio got me like jealous.
Does headphoneus supremous give you an automatic "IDGAF" card regarding headphone stands????
Lool the ember (built and shipped) with supercharger is $516 CAD, thats at the top of my budget for only "peace of mind".
I'm about to pull the trigger on an Ember but I want to know if I should get the supercharger option. I'm not really into hardcore tube rolling but I'm willing to have up to 5 tubes that highlight (or mask) certain qualities. I listen to R'n'B, Soul, Jazz, Hip-hop and Bass music; I want a group of tubes where each will have certain characteristics for certain moods and headphones. I would rather not buy the supercharger if I dont have to so i can buy more tubes, but if a...
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