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jealous is not enough! very cool setup!
It's no longer available to Canada so for those who have more dollars then sense its worth it. 
So far i really enjoy his writing style. I just need to commit to this book again.I havent decided which of his other books I will read next so I'm curious how those ones go for you.
      This time I'm gonna finish it!
A bunch of pages ago a posted a link to someone trying to flip the K7XX's for double the price, some people go for much higher than $30 with these scams.  
Moebius Scared for life/10   If you ever wake up and think to yourself: "I want to watch some disturbing crazy sh*t, that makes almost no sense and will make me fear for my penile well being" this is the movie for you! It's about a family and a particular penis........ Anything more and the "plot line" is ruined.    
Pretty jelly about that K812!!
any reviews for us?
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