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No they decided first drop was going to be the only international drop
^^ the beauty of any opinion based discussion! Out of all the headphones i have i find the K612's to be the best all around. The K7XX and K340 do jazz better but the K612 is close, the HE500 does vocals and classical better but these are no slouch. The DT770's (imho)only have marginally better bass impact and that's if im splitting hairs. Also i like tube amps specifically for the way it aftects the sound.Best bet is for Benjitb to try it himself.
Its hard to describe the difference that a headphone amp makes because it either sounds like hyperbole or like its a placebo. The best way i can think of saying it is that some headphones will be better able to show you micro details in music with an amp and will also give you a more gripping sound presentation.Why not by a K612 used here and then wait for the K7XX drop? You'll get both and save tons of money.
Like dog farts
Surpass speaker-fi!
Yeah i got mine on new years. Yours won't be far off!
4 Etudes for Orchestra- Igor Stravinsky
Just got the he500's gonna sitdown for a long listen right quick
Ok, thats fair. Well now i gotta read it, but i wont start till tomorrow because i just got my HE500,s
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