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 Welcome to the fold!  If I were you, I'd probably break my own legs so I would have an excuse to never leave all that beautiful gear! Do you have a clone to maximize potential listening time? How do you have that setup? Did you just cut the plug off and use bare wire or did you reterminate it to balanced? Yeah, that would be a boatload of power into any set of headphones!
I run my Hifiman HE-500's straight off of the speaker tabs of a 35WPC amp and I haven't had a single problem.
In this thread unlikely but do a search on hifishark
Get the K612; when i compared the K7XX to the K612 they had roughly the same amount of bass with the K612 having the less peircing treble. AKG states that the K7XX has a bass bump over the K702 so the K612 will be closer to what you want
Hunger Games: Mockingbird part 2  -0.5/10   Hopefully the worst movie made that year; anything worse is depressing. An entirely predictable cast of halfwits who randomly lack common sense but can also spontaneously turn into the greatest soldiers ever yet they all mmanage to get themselves killed. Thank god i had to kill 8 hours on a plane
He's using a 100wpc amp versus my 35wpc amp to protect the headphones he would probably want the hifiman adapter which is designed to protect the headphones in this situation. Im pretty sure the poster stated a 4-pin balanced connnector which would mean the grounds are seperate, if I misread I would strongly urge the poster to NOT ATTEMPT TO USE THE 1/4inch WITH ANY FORM OF ADAPTER. I kind of did mean in not blowing the drivers but I might have the function of the adapter...
If you want to be safe you probably should use the hifiman adapter box, but it can definitely be done using barewire
juelz santana- my problem
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