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Sony MDR-7506- Slightly more controlled bass (same quantity and reach), wider soundstage and I'd say its perfect!
Oblivion- 7/10 It was pretty good, the few plot twists were some what predictable, the characters were interesting if not slightly one dimensional visually it was very impressive though.   Line of Sight- 10/10 Beautifully captures the chaotic world of messenger/fixed gear cycling, and will definetly inspire you to get on your bike and go places in town and around the world! Not for those easily scared.
I humbly recede my statement regarding crossfeed; I'm not sure if I have tried the M40fs but I do own a pair of lower end audio technica phones and have tried the M50's which lead me to believe that the M40fs wouldnt be ideal for production. I think FL studio (or another DAW) has/had a crossfeed option that really sucked and made things sound almost completely mono, but a proper stand alone amplifier probably makes a huge difference.  
I really have to disagree with your statement ESPECIALLY since you state that you know nothing about producing. The ATH-M50's (which are of higher sonic quality than the M40fs's) are not flat enough nor have the clarity necassary for serious production. If you can't afford monitors the abosolute WORST thing you could do is skimp on your headphones, seeing as they will be your only source for checking your mix. Crossfeed isnt really usefull in production because it...
+1 Best deal at $250 
$100-$150 doesnt have much to choose from but in that price range you probably would want to get the AKG K240's (semi open), Sony 7510 (closed back) or Shure SRH840 (closed back). The reason I listed to Closed headphones is becasue they usually have a better bass response than opens (or semi-opens) in the same price range. Although the K240's are very nice
AKG K612, Shure SRH940, Beyer DT990's
I know right? If it wasn't for late listening sesh's when my roommate has to sleep/study for school my headphones would get no love!
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