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Oldboy (2003) 8.5/10   Extremely disturbing but in a good way. It's a movie meant to grip you by using the emptiness of one character and the world he's thrown into. I really like the plot except for the reason he was imprisoned (it seems a little stretchy but I can live with it). A must watch!
I LOVE GiTS!!! So good
+1 for HE500
There are differences between dacs but it's more complicated than the differences between headphones. One is power, DAC's that aren't USB powered seem to sound better because their powered independently. The next is the chip, high quality chips *seem to* have better capabilities to show the full range of sound in a song. The other is output level; I just upgraded DAC's and even though both used RCA out's my new DAC requires my amp to be at a much lower to get reasonable or...
Are the 7520's available?
hahaha that makes sense, do you not really have a home rig?
800+ posts but new to the game??? Wow...
How bout a sneaker cleaning kit?
First pair of non-cheapos was the akg K242 HD, first pair of expensive headphones was the HE500
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