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Looking for a good pair of Denon D5000's or 7000's. Good condition only. I have a mint pair of D600's that could be part of a deal or I'll pay full.
Thanks for the replies.   I a/b switched between a standard audio CD and SACD of the same album. They were both rips. I do not have a "golden ear" but I was astonished by my findings. Although I really wanted to discover that I am missing some fidelity in my 16 - 44.1 collection, I found no more brilliance in the 24 - 192 SACD. I am satisfied that if I cannot tell a difference than it must be very minimal or non-existent. 
Hello   I have a 15" MacBook Pro Retina, and Apogee Duet 2 DAC, and a nice selection on mid range headphones. I primarily use iTunes as my default media player, although I do sometimes use Fidelia.   I have a couple questions that I know alot of Headfi'ers are sure to know. I have looked through some of the threads but wanted some feedback with MY setup.   1. Can iTunes play 24bit 192 kHz audio files? Does it downsample them?   2. Will my Apogee Duet 2...
What do you think smerf?
XLD is by far the best freeware tool That I have had the privelage to use.
The denon ah-d600 does not grip or clamp at all. It is very comfortable. They are the successor to then D5000's that are mentioned above.
Cheapest I've seen is $399
No, the piano sounds great. There is a lot of strange sounds like breathing etc, but it is not breathing. It is kind of spooky. Other than that it is recorded a little quiet, turning up the gain raises the noise floor substantially. The piano and performance is outstanding. It is a shame.
20 hours of burn-in ; 5 hours white noise, 5 hours pink noise, 10 hours of general loud music.   My source consists of the following.   Music files are lossless 24 bit 44.1 KHz FLAC, ALAC, and WAV uncompressed audio files. My music player is the Fidelia Audiophile Player running through my MacbookPro. My DAC is an Apogee Duet 2 DAC/Audio Interface.     Pros;   The headphones have started to take a more appealing shape sonically. The virtually...
I really enjoy the Richard Goode Beethoven Piano Sonatas. Really, really love them. Too bad the sound quality is sub-par.   Can someone recommend a better recorded Beethoven Piano Sonata set or select Sonata's from certain pianists. Also, maybe is there any other piano sonatas anyone would recommend other than from Beethoven.
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