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I just noticed that the Oppo-95 is the ONLY Stereophile Class A rated source component under $5K (most are over $10K), so being bested by an $89 player is terribly unlikely.  As for being kicked in the teeth by CA in terms of build quality, I wouldn't anything would kick a Rotel power supply or ES9018 SABRE 32-bit DACs in the teeth, but if so, it would most likely be one of those $20K esoteric players.   My only beef with the 95 was that, with the great DACs in it,...
RadioKing59, Thanks so much for giving me the advice about the Amazon wish list...I watched that Gold 57 in Concert album for a week at $41 and I just swiped it for $ I bought the Live at the Sands, both for $31 including shipping.  Now, I'm a happy camper.  Thanks to all on the forum.
 Hi all, I'm planning on running an M-DAC with Creek Destiny integrated, anyone use this setup or have any input.  The creek sound is so clean and midrange so smooth I'd think it would be hard to go wrong with it (I'm currently using an HRT Streamer II and its WOW but only USB in).   Thanks, Cory
 Ah, I tried to buy this one and Amazon has it used for $50-ish and new for $90-ish...they should call him "old gold eyes"
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