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Would be awesome if we can get some more votes: bump! :)
bumpy bump :-)
Yeah, let's get some more votes. :-)   BTW: I've changed my vote from the LCD 2-r1 to LCD2-r2 because they sound so much better!  
bump, bump, bump! Bumppppp! :-)
Christmas Bump... :-)
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Any news so far?  
Sorry, "so" not "tough".   If a signal is modified it is not bitperfect anymore. If iTunes + Amarra sounds better to you than just iTunes, either iTunes modifies the signal so it's not bitperfect or Amarra has some build in equalizer that modifies the signal so it's not bitperfect anymore, too.   If both iTunes + Amarra and just Amarra sound different at least one of them does not give a bitperfect signal.   On my rig iTunes already gives a bitperfect signal so there is...
The points you mentioned may be true. But you can't argue with a better quality through Audirvana as from iTunes because iTunes already delivers a bitperfect signal. The only thing Audirvana (and all the other apps) do is Sample Rate switching and USB buffering.   If you use iTunes at 100% volume all the time, equalizer and other silly things turned off, it delivers a perfect audio signal.  
On my setup (Mac (USB) -> audiolab m-dac -> Headphones) iTunes gives a bitperfect signal. So there is absolutely no need for a software like Audirvana because iTunes does give a absolutely perfect signal trough USB to the DAC. This is the most "natural" way you can imagine.   Audirvana may sound better to you but that's because it modifies the "most natural" signal and then it is no natural signal anymore.  
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