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I just got these for 120 USD in red. They are pretty good looking and extremely light. I connected them to my FiiO E10 and gosh...they sound horrid. I will let them burn in for a while before coming back but really...   I wanted them as back-up on the go full sized headphones, but still, those highs are awful. 
I just got a FiiO Q1...gosh, finally! It works like a charm. My LG G4 has horrid sound hardware and now it actually sounds somewhat decent with wired headphones. This little guy is amazing. For less than 70 USD you get a portable USB DAC/AMP that works with Android phones, has decent SQ, AWESOME battery life and solid build quality. AND the price might be just unbeatable.
Music addict. I just answered books and music to everything haha. 
I'd say it depends on what type of videogames you like. RPGs with good music for instance would benefit from the HD598, while shooters and more action based games would benefit from the impact of the ortho's. The HD650 are good, but IMO the HD600 sound better overall (cleaner and more accurate), but the HD598 are better in soundstage. Funny how the gap in SQ decreases with price, isn't it?
The bass in the HD598 is solid and pretty strong for an open-back headphone, but still it can't compete with lots closed backs in the quantity department. Still it is warm and movies do sound great with them, specially considering they have such a huge soundstage. 
Hey guys, I have a question about the earpads. I absolutely love my Amperiors and use them outside and in the office, so basically most of the day. I find the ear cushions really comfortable but as I use them so much I was wondering about how long will they last and for how much can I get replacements. My local Sennheiser distributor doesn't have them in stock but he does have the HD-25's and I was wondering how will a change from alcantara to leather affect the sound...
  They issue is that frequent travellers who take international flights will need to have their ears plugged sometimes for more than 13 hours straight. NC full-zised headphones are really more comfortable to really long journeys, but for short commutes I see no benefit whatsoever from full-sized cans that just hinder your movements. 
I just got myself a new pair of blue a Amperiors...and I'm surprised. They are the best on ears I've ever heard! I was considering the hd-25 II but since the Amperiors had this crazy price drop after being discontinued I decided the extra cash was really worth it considering the lower impedance, aluminum cups, color, remote, etc. I am so happy with them. They are extremely comfortable, look great, and have a really exciting punchy sound. They make me want to listen to my...
Thanks for taking the chance! Please post your impressions. I tried to carve a 2.5 mm into the HD 598's input and the results were horrible :(
  Wow, that is outstanding!
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