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Thanks guys. I will tell him that you guys endorse the DJ100s. 
My friend tried my DJ100s, which he liked, but is also looking at other options if there are better ones. My friend tends to listen to rap.
I showed my friend my setup and now he wants to get into headphones. He is looking for a good set of clkosed cans for around $80. He wants to pair a fiio e11 with them too. I have suggested the Koss DJ100. He is also interested in the Shure srh 440 and the KRK kns 6400. Feel free to express your opinions on these headphones and others.
Hello everybody. I showed my friend my budget setup (Koss Dj100 and Fiio E5) and he thought that the sound quality was superb. Now he has been researching headphones for the past few days and wants to buy some. He is looking for a closed can that is around $80 that would work well with a fiio e11 (He wants to buy this amp). He is debating between the Koss DJ 100 and the Shure 440. He likes bass, but not too much like the XBs. Any recommendations would be appreciated.
Right now he is using some skull candys but I will force him to buying some cheaper, nice headphones. He likes bass so I may recommend the Sony xb series to him.
Thanks for the suggestion. I will reccomennd that to him, but he may be looking for something he can buy new. Any suggestions? I have heard good things about the Cowon J3.
My friend came up to me the other day, knowing that I had some insight on the audio world, and asked me if I had any recommendations for an mp3 player. He has an Ipod touch but is disappointed with its performance. He is looking for a "bang for buck" mp3 that is less than $225. Any recommendations are appreciated. He will most likely not be using an amp, but I have one coming in the mail which might change his mind.
Alright, I think I will go for the e5. I may also be purchasing some Sennheiser hd598s later on for my first open can. It has great review and hopefully the e5 will do well with those.
Does anyone know if the e11 is a good choice for the dj100? I know that it is a well liked amp for others.
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