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Thank you.You can buy all from lunashops.Its just old stock of from my ollection, since I no longer making cables for bussines. Too busy with my job on the office.
XBA300 user detected.
I'm using MMCX connector. With this mod I can use all my iem cable for my earbuds. 😁😁😁
Ve Monk Plus Earbuds Over Ear. Iphone 5. Best bang for bucks.
Use this Minyak Kayu Putih to erase the heatshrink mark, its even better than acetone.
Less bass and better treble, the treble sound clean and clear, not like xba4 that sound piercing and metalic. You will feel xba4 be more fun sounding because of its bass.
Very detail and clear sounding iem.
Transportable or not too portable. Using my laptop as a dap
IMO its feel the treble get softer, not piercing as at my first listening.Maybe my brain n ears now can adjust and accept the sound after several times of listening session.What I do is just burnin with my mix playlist then using cardas app several times.Thats it, just my opinion, we will not go to debate about "burnin-magic" no effect, hahahaha.
Glad to hear you like it.For first time I have to adjust my "ear" to its soundsig, very different from my last iems (dynamic EX1000).Now after hours of burnin and listening, I more and more like how it sound.
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