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Afaik, most expensive single BA IEM.
-C*rdas 24 awg teared litz wire -Paracord 3strand core -S*nheisser gold plated miniplug -2 pin 0.78 connectorsl
http://www.head-fi.org/t/676402/diy-cable-questions-and-comments-threadYou are welcome 😁
I have try few eartips foe ex1000.Stock hybrids, JVC Spiral Dots, AKG 3003, Spinfit, UE TF10.My fav is JVC Spiral Dots.For XBA300, I choose stock tips, since I no longer have a problem with its treble 😁😁😁
Try 40w iron solder 😁
Thanks man.Talking about litz wire, I used it too.
Its silver plated copper 99.9999.I even use it to replace my USB to USB Type C smartphone charger.It's good wire with good conductor.My smartphone get high current rate than standart usb wire.I modified it to L shaved, can used as charging cable or data/sync cable.
6 braids. Next time wanna try 16 braids.
How about 1st impression when You used it?1st time I used it sounding piercing my ear, very bright, the treble more wild than EX1000😁😁😁
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