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Dont do it, you will not open it without breaking the housing. I think they used pvc as a housing. Very strong, even the glue strong too.I suggest you just build male 3.5 to 3.5 female (as long I remember XBA4 is detachable at J splitter right?) Use copper cable if you wanna make it sounding warm.
You should try "warmer" cable, my silver plated copper (which has warmer than alo sxc) give it some subbas and more "wet" mid. Its sound more thicker than standard cable, without killing the treble and clarity. Love it. Will try with copper cable soon, maybe 6n or 7n.
Finally pull the trigger.Well after "burnin" few hours I feel it become more refine in sq, the treble become soften than 1st time I tried.Maybe my brain has adjusted to the soundsig. Or just my feeling.Thanks, guess what, I like it like I like my ex-ex1000. The detail, clarity, fast bass, and I think this IEM has bass, love it when play some edm track.Lets see if this iem can sounding more "organic" when I try with copper cable.I see the spec it using "silver plated cable".
I surfing around and find interesting driver from aliexpress. Here some pics from the seller homepage (store page). Credit, this pics not taken by me.
You should try Fitear 111, its used ED29689 and green damper. But suyama tune it "warmer" than ER4 with good bass and impact.
Sounds good, I put orange damper directly to the driver output and apply 3mm clear heatshrink (after heating it shrink to 1-1.5mm, fit perfectly to the damper and driver, and magicly fit perfect in iem noozle) as a accoustic tube.I own couple ER4P in past, afaik, this driver sound familiar to me, more bassy than ER4P (because the orange damper).
ED29689, 27 Ohm resistor, aftermarket universal housing.
Its ER4PIf without the resistor its still sounding good, easy to drive.
Hi, Im curious how it compared with sony mdr ex1000? I love ex1000 even than my 334 or ie800, but the fitting is disaster :v For XBA lineup, I had XBA4 few years ago, love it compared to TF10, then I had XBA H1, and it surprisingly good for it price.
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