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Samsung Earbuds Xiaomi Mi5 ES9018K2M Dacamp 8 strand spc otg cable. I tried to build it with power hub, but no work, look like I need use a resistor 😂
Is that usb type c otg with power hub?
Anyone have link to diy micro usb OTG with power chord? I try to build USB type C to usb.
I'm using this flat braids for 8 strand OTG micro usb type C to USB type B.
No need beautiful housing for IEMs LOL.
This far, compared to stock 530 it sounding more open, and more v shaved.All normal sounding, and I like it.Stock 530 has warmer house soundWell I now always use touchscreen glue for all my modded iem/earbuds.Easy to apply, clear glue, and easy to clean up the residue.Just make sure you clamp the glued parts for one night until it perfectly sticking.
I'm have broken Shure SE530 and Broken UETF10. So I used MID-LOW TF10 driver to replace my 'malfunction' SE530 MID-LOW driver. Still used SE530 crossover and SE535 Shell. Here some pics: iphone prying tool, used it gentlyResolder all the wire back.Use strong powerglue.You're done.
As long it used mmcx I think it will fit. I have tried many mmcx aftermarket plug, and it fit nicely.
It's UE Tf10 eartips, they fit but not too tight. I used it because feels comfortable for me 😉.
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