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Use this Minyak Kayu Putih to erase the heatshrink mark, its even better than acetone.
Less bass and better treble, the treble sound clean and clear, not like xba4 that sound piercing and metalic. You will feel xba4 be more fun sounding because of its bass.
Very detail and clear sounding iem.
Transportable or not too portable. Using my laptop as a dap
IMO its feel the treble get softer, not piercing as at my first listening.Maybe my brain n ears now can adjust and accept the sound after several times of listening session.What I do is just burnin with my mix playlist then using cardas app several times.Thats it, just my opinion, we will not go to debate about "burnin-magic" no effect, hahahaha.
Glad to hear you like it.For first time I have to adjust my "ear" to its soundsig, very different from my last iems (dynamic EX1000).Now after hours of burnin and listening, I more and more like how it sound.
Its RGB keyboards, so the backlit adjustable 😁About the fan its adjustable too, for hard gaming its sound like jet, just crank volume up to make it not noticeable during gaming, LOL.Yeah, I like it like my ex-ex1000 (I owned it 2, and sell it twice, the problem just the fitting, I cant used it outside when walk around, except in quite area 😂.Just ever owned XBA H1,now the dynamic driver dead, have no time to repair it. So far I love this XBA300.
Dont do it, you will not open it without breaking the housing. I think they used pvc as a housing. Very strong, even the glue strong too.I suggest you just build male 3.5 to 3.5 female (as long I remember XBA4 is detachable at J splitter right?) Use copper cable if you wanna make it sounding warm.
You should try "warmer" cable, my silver plated copper (which has warmer than alo sxc) give it some subbas and more "wet" mid. Its sound more thicker than standard cable, without killing the treble and clarity. Love it. Will try with copper cable soon, maybe 6n or 7n.
Finally pull the trigger.Well after "burnin" few hours I feel it become more refine in sq, the treble become soften than 1st time I tried.Maybe my brain has adjusted to the soundsig. Or just my feeling.Thanks, guess what, I like it like I like my ex-ex1000. The detail, clarity, fast bass, and I think this IEM has bass, love it when play some edm track.Lets see if this iem can sounding more "organic" when I try with copper cable.I see the spec it using "silver plated cable".
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