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Yups, I waiting for VSD5/VSD7/VSD9 anf forget about this GR08
Indonesia just receive 5 pcs of VSD3 and a demo unit of 1st batch. Its all sold out, even the demo unit.
Tadaa... My turbulent x finally arrived...
S5 has a micro usb 3.0, but it can use micro usb and work flawless, z2 only micro usb 2.0
Galaxy S5 Xperia Z2
Hahaha, I can't handle to post it. Actually I'm still waiting for my z2 clear softcase and still working to build Micro usb to usb B using alo sxc cable. And I forget about the rubber band or dual lock , I'll post it later after its ready to "portable" lol.
Sony Xperia Z2 + Centrance Hifi M8 LX + Fitear 334
@RAFA, thank you, Sony Xperia Z2, its support usb host, so I can use it as a transport with my M8. Already testing with Galaxy S4, and its work with usb audio player pro, but I don't like S4, hahahaha...
Almost portable rig . Waiting sony release z2 in my country. Laptop-M8-334 alo sxc custom rhodium pin connector.
Earpods pretty good for exercise, try to put earbuds foam to make it more comfortable and seal.
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