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The point is like he's saying in a way that he is like forced to read the whole thread and feels like he needs to reply but then state it's like wasting his time... Which he could just not bother and just not even read and just leave instead.    I just want to know how effectives are comply tips to an extent
Yea that is what I meant comply is what I wanted to ask for... I thought customs was comply my bad lol   Whether comply or new IEM would do the work 
With my current IEM, would you recommend me to just get the custom foam tips? Or get more expensive IEMs?
I mean ETY doesn't seem very positive, they don't use any comply tips Nor cosmic ears   And there weren't much suggestions in here either
Well then I rather not spend money on the custom and buy more expensive ones  lol
I don't want to be forced to listen to music, listening to pod casts etc..
HOLY  **** SQUA LEARN AND READ HOLY ****.   Custom IEM foam tips, how much does it increase the isolation by....     I never talked about earplugs not foam IEMs in general as a thing.
But how much extra would it isolate?
I mean what does foam tips do extra....? I mean without it my IEM are in my ear what does those foam tips do for the extar isolation? Is the extra isolation alot of extra or..
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