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Yesterday I pulled up behind a bumper sticker I'd never seen before.  It read:  " Sorry for driving so close in front of you. "
I was fortunate enough to get invited to this chic bar opening in Toronto last night by a new friend of mine who's a silent partner in the place.  His fiance is friends with the The Eagles of Death Metal, and they flew up from Hollywood just to play at the opening night party.  This was by far the coolest event I've ever attended.  Since this is a PG site, I can't even begin to describe it. Try to imagine a crowded party hosted by Victoria's Secret.   I'd never heard of...
This is a remarkable book on slavery...a selection of interviews of former slaves compiled during the 1930s, before the last of the former slaves died off. Before freedom, when I just can ... - Google Books
I was always told that a wool, navy blue suit was the way to start a business wardrobe. Gray would be the next choice. Something with a subtle pinstripe to it so it's not too flashy but at the same time, not too plain. Also, unless you're being interviewed by a company that you are positive is into cutting edge fashion ( like a fashion manufacturer/magazine or something), it's safer to make a conservative first impression with either white or a solid light colour shirt...
I've been nodding in agreement with most of this thread for two days now, but tonight I just finished watching two newly-released DVDs ... "Crazy Heart" with Jeff Bridges and "It's Complicated" with Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin, and they've renewed my faith in the film industry and the belief that creativity is still very much alive and well. In reality, they've been making remakes and putting out a pile of pedestrian stuff every year for many, many, years ... so has the...
Quote: It seems like his paypal account is his friends...and he uses it since he dosn't have one himself. That's what he told me Be sure to contact PayPal as well.
Bariatric Surgery? That's the stomach banding technique that's been in the news a lot lately, isn't it. I've heard it's reversible and one of the most effective ways of losing weight. As one who has also been battling the pendulum of weight loss then added gain for many years, I wish you well and success with it.
I have nearly 4,000 feedback responses at 100% positive, snipe every auction I can, and I'm in complete agreement with ericj. Bidding on an auction is a competition ... not only the obvious competition between bidders, but also between the bidders and the seller. The seller gets to set most of the rules ... buy it now fixed price ... starting bid ... minimum price accepted ... length of auction ... shipping charges, etc. ... all decided upon by the seller to maximize...
Tyll leaving Headroom !!! Does this mean my genuine Tyll Action Figure has increased in value?
Quote: Presumably the owners of these signs feel they are less likely to be rammed by another driver. "Lawyer on board" would probably be more effective.
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