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I got a 2nd Gen WA7 — sadly not an owner of the first gen, but happy to offer any feedback to anyone interested.   Using the Harmonix tubes with the solid-state power supply, paired with an HD 800.
  Ya, and you just need a hex key to unscrew them.
  If headphones are plugged in, the preamp output can not be heard.   If headphones are not plugged in, the preamp output can be heard.   This is what my M-Stage does anyway.
Thanks, found the review here: http://www.headfonia.com/matrix-m-stage-dac/Was hoping for a more details regarding the sound, but I suppose if people are familiar with the MS2+ then they should have a pretty good idea of what to expect.Matrix definitely singled me out with this one, Headfonia make a good point about the size/power, but I simply don't care about those factors since this is the perfect companion for the M-Stage amp. Perhaps not so much for others..I've been...
  If you're buying this for music, why don't you just get an iPod Touch? Could probably get a new one at the price of a second-hand iPhone.   Plus, I'm sure there's no difference in the sound.
  Cross your fingers on this one, but I get the impression that Tam was rushing out orders leading up to his holiday. Perhaps things are back to normal now.       Thanks Chris, lots of good information there! I've got different op-amps in mine, but the impedance on the DAC has forced me to use 10dB gain, and I suppose for the better! All seems good in M-Stage town, now it's time to enjoy some music :)
  Thanks Chris, I wasn't aware the switches controlled voltage.   I imagine high gains with low impedance headphones would simply be annoying. Though I am still curious about how it affects the sound for these people, or why people would prefer a 10dB gain.   Also, would a voltage gain influence operating temperature? I'm trying to learn if having my volume at 5 o'clock with a 0dB gain, or the volume at about 9 o'clock on an 18dB gain has a difference. It's the same...
Off topic, I'm still puzzled with this one;   Does anyone know how the gain switches work?   How does using the gains affect the sound signature and performance?
  Well, these guys definitely have the smarts when it comes to these things.   Sounding pretty confident about the Matrix Portable DAC, although they did receive the unit for free, plus they made some comparisons with the Fiio E17 and the Audinst HUD-MX1 (which are much cheaper), so I'm sure there is a lot to like about it considering.   It'll be interesting to hear what they have to say about the Matrix M-Stage DAC, since it's "just another desktop DAC". I'm thinking if...
  Don't sound surprised. I've been nothing but unhappy with Tam Audio's performance recently. I believe the dude packed up and went on holidays and he's been fairly difficult to work with as of late. Like I said earlier, I received my item with the original box used as the packaging, with a shipping slip strapped to it. My op-amp was also incredibly lightly packed, and he strapped tape on the actual hardware itself! My first order took 2 weeks since payment, my second...
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