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I see this Lower end K44/77/99 line everywhere (it's like half of the total headphone section at my local GC) but they're almost never discussed on head-fi, with reviews being scarce and quickly buried. I'm not sure why. It can't be simply them sucking -- because even headphones that suck really bad get tons of discussion on here (....... beats). They just seem to have flown under the radar.
Beats sound like one of those inflatable bouncy balls piled in the diaper/toys isle at the supermarket being dribbled on my ear. I don't see how anyone who has become even briefly accustomed to neutrality or ever done anything related to recording/pro audio can physically stomach that bouncing, booming, echoing sound signature. It's like listening to an album recorded in a 4'x4'x100' hallway.   However, the fact that the M50s are so constantly compared to Beats and...
The V6 sounds very good for the price (I paid $70) with honest mids and treble but they are not flat down low at all, as the OP requested. The sub bass is very enhanced and can be "boomy" on tracks that reach down low enough.
How does the sound signature of these compare with the K 701 / K 702?   I love how these look. I keep buying closed-back headphones for recording but none of them are as enjoyable to listen to as the AKGs.
David,   Would you say the KAM HP1 resembles the sound of the K 702 at all? (I'm not only going by looks, but also a few similarities in your description and the obvious fact that KAM are... "Inspired" by AKG.) I'm still looking for a closed headphone with sound reminiscent of my K 702 if you have any suggestions.   This is by the way the best post/thread on this whole forum but I think you've been told that...     Perfectly worded. Some people would go more extreme and...
The pair of PRO DJ100s I mini-reviewed turned out to be defective as tdockweilder suspected (and I kind of suspected)   Last night they got even weirder/more scooped sounding then stopped producing sound at all   Still curious about how these sound in non-defective form so maybe I'll exchange for another 
I'd like to say my previous opinions about the PRO DJ100 are officially irrelevant... They're doing some crazy things now and cutting out and I clearly got a defective pair.   I had a feeling something was wrong as they sounded nothing like the reviews I saw on here. 
The thing that scared me away from the SRH940 was all the posts on here about them basically disintegrating. I love the 840s and otherwise would have been anxious to try the 9s.   Neither the KRKs nor V6s really capture what I love about the K 702s but both are holding me over for tracking duties I suppose.
I would consider them very good travel headphones. They're pretty easily driven and they fold down very quickly into a compact bundle with a weatherproof-ish carrying pouch.   Comfort: The clamp is mild (pretty close to our 701/702s). The entire headphone is very light. They have shallow ear cups which, while completely encircling my ears, are clearly not designed for hardcore isolation. They're not plush or luxurious but I quickly forget I'm wearing them. I'd say...
I still plan on trying the K 272, KAM HP1 and perhaps some Superlux.
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