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Still think it's strange how the same company that makes the SRH840 and SM58 and is often criticized for making things too heavy-duty and military-grade came out with the 940s which seem to disintegrate within weeks of ownership. Maybe they took the criticism a tad too seriously.
  Yes, and that is why the best looking headphones are gigantic "Step, aside, I'm wearing headphones, PRO headphones" types. Just like the coolest sunglasses are big "Step aside, I'm the guy in sunglasses" aviators and the coolest machine guns are those with lots rails/vents/pointy stuff all over them. If you take something inherently dorky and flaunt it then it magically turns cool.   "Sleek gadgets" are for the timid.
If you're listening to bass so loud that your vision is literally blurring then you are permanently damaging your hearing. Despite not sounding as painful as loud, piercing treble, it actually causes hearing damage as or more easily (perceived volume vs actual SPL). I know pro audio people who were having "fun" with bass and a couple days after the ringing calmed down had a severe throat infection + permanent hearing loss.   No offense meant, but that's basically the...
As bad as Beats are, they seem like a pretty perfect match for the compressed monotone bumph bumph music Dr. Dre produces... It wouldn't surprise me if he actually does use them.   When I say I Beats are unlistenable for someone looking for headphones for opera and jazz fusion in a leather chair after work with some bubbly, my opinion is probably valid, but come on...  BUMPH BUMPHHH  pimps/hos/etc is a whole different story.   *Sits at a traffic light when a...
Headphones with a good seal and isolation are much better than cheesy dr. dre headphones with noise cancelling. You never see pro drummers tracking in the latter.
I'll be strutting by in a pair of K 702s and Dolce aviators with a toothpick hanging out of my mouth ala Scott Hall
The same proverb is present in the world of guitar amplifiers: When I was 13 my band had three guitarists and our amp settings were bass: 10 mid: 0 treble: 10.   It didn't sound good at all, but our 20watt line6 practice amps had such terrible, nasal midrange that it made us think we found a clever way around it. Once you play a perfectly intonated guitar into a boutique tube amplifier this necessity ends.
I think the reason a lot of people start out thinking they love bass over all else is that in the mainstream consumer market, we grow accustomed to hearing one of two things:   1. Horrific lo-fi, shower radio, earbuds, oem car stereo, alarm clock sound quality with no bass and crude grain where treble should be.   2. The next level up, which thickens/widens that sound in the most cost effective way possible: Tons of subbass frequencies and a shrill spike of...
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