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I got excited for a moment (80 mkII looks like a high model number and the reg. price on music 123 is $70), but that's not that great of a deal → they're $36 shipped on amazon.
Yeah if you're afraid of insulting him you could just say "so now that you're a headphones guy check out this forum". If he really cares either way how good they are then he'd figure it out himself. If he doesn't care, he won't bother.   I wish I knew about this forum before I spent hundreds of dollars on terrible headphones the guitar center salesman described as super awesome.
If he JUST bought them then tell him they suck in time for him to exchange them for something else.   I can't ever see myself buying any audio eqiuipment with "by Dr. Dre" on the box. It's just too comical.
Thanks for the suggestion. About closed vs open, I agree. I just didn't want to rule out any mind-blowingly amazing open cans based on one disqualifying feature, but I prefer to keep my music private — especially since people my age tend to think I'm joking when I turn it on.   I own several Shure microphones, so I am interested in their headphones as well. Are they slightly biased toward the lower end of things with clear, mellow highs? Not the sexiest looking,...
Hello forum,   So I need a pair of big comfortable headphones for fall semester at college. I have a Harmon Kardon amp and tons of audio/recording/musician gear, but 90% of the time I'll be using them for music on my laptop (with or without an external amp/interface).   I never planned to spend much on head phones and I'm more of a car audio guy, but as I find myself spending more and more time at a computer in a public setting I've become more critical. I have...
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