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I had just glanced at the 2900 prices and saw one place selling for $500. With the rave reviews they get I didn't question it.   I think I officially have an addiction though. I just ordered some AKG 240s too.   Come on they have gold circles on them. How can someone resist gold circles?   I guess I'm going to be around here for a long time......
I have, but coming off of a pair of $70 Sonys (beyond horrible) and $70 Grados (intriguing but not my thing), I don't think I know what I like enough to start looking at stuff in the price range of the PRO 2900s, D5000s, etc.   I'm definitely not keeping all of these $120-150 pairs. After I narrow it down to one I like then maybe I can affirmatively identify as a Shure/Beyer//Ultrasone/etc man and feel more sane laying down $500+ on a single "ultimate" headphone.
Thanks. I was very close to ordering the HM5 as a more conservative & accurate option to compare to the bassy 580s and Q-40, but they'll have to wait now since I just ordered the Shure SRH840s.   The HM5s and PRO 550 are definitely next on the list.
  Thank you- I think you just solved the mystery for me. I had never noticed they had completely different ohm ratings. (64 vs 32). It also explains why some people were saying they have no bass and some people were saying they have perfect, slightly reduced bass compared to the 580. Probably comes down to whether they're being fed adequate power. Damn, now I want to try the 550s pretty badly.
  I believe the HFI580a nd DJ1 are identical other than appearance And the PRO550 and DJ1Pro are identical other than appearance but that all of them use the same drivers
I made a thread about this but nobody answered so let me ask here in the makeshift home of Ultrasone --    If the HFI-580 and PRO 550 use the same drivers (which they do, according to Ultrasone) then why is the PRO 550 an apparent bass midget?       That is a dramatic difference to say the least. Not something that could be attributed to different cups and a detachable cable.
I'm currently enrolled in university, so I don't have enough money to be an audiophile. When I think "audiophile", I think of the stuff they sell in Stereophile magazine. $10,000+ speaker cables and whatnot. They don't even use that stuff in top recording studios, it's just intended for retired investment bankers. They're too old for Pokemon so they collect absurdly expensive/fragile audio equipment and argue about whose is better.   Maybe we can steal M-Audio's...
The volume issue isn't your headphones. The RCA outs simply weren't intended to power headphones. You'll either need an RCA > amp > phones setup or to find a different way to connect. As long as you're running them straight out of the RCA, more expensive headphones will just be a waste of money.
The "NCredible Ntune" officially takes the "ugliest headphones in the world" title away from Beats. An industrial design disaster.   I will however admit that the Inspirations look very good. Too bad about the crappy sound reports.
How many of you had parents who were either audiophiles or bordered on audiophile and caught the bug from them?   My dad is by no means an audiophile. Sure, he actually has a stack of about 500 Audiophile magazines and a nice sound system, but I just don't know if he has audiophile ears.   Example: A few Christmases ago, I bought him fairly high-end home theater speaker towers. When I asked him how they sounded a week later he pretended to sound enthusiastic, but...
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