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These headphones have been made in multiple countries for multiple decades and besides that suffer from the same quality control of a budget headphones produced by a global conglomerate.   I'm sure you would notice differences between two V6s just as much as between a V6 and a 7506.   Not to mention a huge number of counterfeits in circulation.
Amazon audio reviews are like Youtube political video comments. Reading them gives me ulcers.
Love the look, hate the feel and sound.
An adult vs Teen civil war brewing on head-fi.   I knew this day would come...
I haven't been following these closely but aren't they usually closer to $300?   Shure SRH940  $235   http://www.amazon.com/Shure-SRH940-Professional-Reference-Headphones/dp/B004MTE7EK/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1353332022&sr=8-3&keywords=shure+srh840
For diverse genres and good "seperation" (really, no headphone has good separation, but I know what you mean), the Shure 440s are probably your safest bet.
I don't think it's so much that audiophiles "hate" rap/hip hop (and punk, and grindcore, etc.) so much as that they listen to music for reasons that don't mesh with those genres.   Those genres tend to be heavily bound to youth subcultures, so things like recording quality and subtle composition tend to go out the window in favor of fitting into a clique and maximizing sonic shock factor. There's also generally an age gap between the average rap/punk/etc. scene and...
Subtracting the obvious Beats etc junk, I think Beyerdynamic's house sound annoys me the most because they make some very nice headphones that have everything going for them except a mysteriously absent mid range. I love their build quality, comfort, looks, etc., but they just can't seem to put out something with decent mids for less than a grand.
The graphs are flawed - but they usually vary less than human opinions.   Look up any headphone on head-fi and read 20 threads about it and you will come out knowing it is:   "A bass-shy anemic basshead can with recessed brilliant forward mid range that lacks detail and exposes poor bitrates with rolled off bright creamy airy highs that cause tinnitus + needs an amp (no particular reason or specific amp mentioned)".   Your best bet is looking at 2-3 charts...
    Oh. Well if it was posted in a forum...
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