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I've never seen anyone describe Ultrasones as "extremely fast, clean and transparent, great for lament arias and Vieuxtemps".   They're almost universally described as being aggressive, exaggerated, synthetic, "hi fi" sounding. Simply reading about them should have prevented you from being shocked by their sound.
I'm pretty relieved that so far none of these black friday deals have really blown me away or forced me to buy anything.
So no deals on the HD600? Just the 650? Kind of had my eye on the 600s in specific.
h2o free copper??????
I'm not sure why people keep trying to find the one Beats/Monster headphone that actually sounds good.   Imagine if Sennheiser, AKG or Beyer just put out nothing but horrible sounding, disposable, spraypaintjob headphones for 5 years. They would just go out of business. Nobody would give them 2nd, 3rd, 100th chances release after release. They would just fall off the map and cease to be discussed.
Stellar build quality and very deep, powerful (yet somehow not boomy) bass, but I departed with mine after realizing I couldn't really listen to them for more than 20 minutes at a time without listening fatigue. The HFI 580s are the headphones I've owned that come closest to the sound signature of an SPL car audio system and Beyer is probably the only other brand occupying the same price levels with such solid construction.   Like MalVeauX said, very love it/hate it...
Just have your brother read this thread and show him how buying stupid rapper headphones leads to erectile dysfunction and caffeine addiction
In a word, no.
Beyerdynamic makes a single-ear version of the DT 250   However, your options would increase if you just looked at DJ headphones with a mono switch, which would have the exact same effect as a single-ear headphone (all of the sound would be present in both ears rather than stereo channels).
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