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Nobody can answer you because the question is so general.
It's amazing how you can take something butt ugly and just talk about it until people are paying $300 to strap it to their face   Remember that Ren and Stimpy skit where they'd advertise "log" and show all the awesome ways buying a log would change your life?
The new Tiesto models might sound great but it's a bit soon to highly recommend them without even hearing them.   Practically every new release has a "omg these are the ultimate" thread or two about them. Then the first wave of "wow why did you recommend these to me? these suck" threads happen.   Keep head fi useful and only recommend headphones you have personally listened to...
I think these have the perfect amount of bass. I don't know why people call them bass-anemic.   They're very bright for sure and that leads the listener to focus on the brightness but the bass is very present as well.
And is there anything quite as tragic as a really deep trance track you're slipping into and daydreaming to... Where out of nowhere a rapper pops into the mix and starts busting rhymes about how he "want u so bad gurl"? Makes you wanna upload your mp3 onto a usb drive just so you can have a way to throw it at the wall.   Nobody remixed rap interludes into Wagner (the inventor of trance music), why do they do it now?
Machaut in surround
Hip hop has no redeeming musical qualities to me.   The general aesthetic reminds me of "punk", another genre in which people make next to zero effort to actually compose anything inspiring or original yet become angry and belligerent when you call them out on it. They want the best of both worlds -- they want to spit in the face of music to show off their rebellion, then have music lovers silently endorse it, like "Oh ha, you crazy kids!".   It doesn't work out... has ruined black Friday by having better prices than Black Friday 24/7
btw if anyone missed it one of the engineers of the K 1000 has an account here and posted about its creation:   It goes for many pages
K 1000, although they're kind of cheating by barely being "headphones"
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