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These have a lower mid ranger/upper bass emphasis with mild treble and not much of any clear sub-bass extension.     I liked them for viola, cello, vocalists, etc. but they sounded easily overwhelmed/crowded by large orchestral pieces. I don't know what your budget is but the higher end K 702 keeps the energetic midrange and adds a sense of "space" with far superior extension and clarity.
    I was in the same situation. The left ear is easy but blunt force, water, etc., nothing worked on the right ear. Ultimately I just disassembled them and destroyed the individual components.
Burn in definitely exists. The big myth is that it always sounds better. Some headphones actually sound worse with excessive use. Some sound better. Some don't change at all.   There's a lot of silly mysticism surrounding what is effectively just the same material wear we see in anything else we buy.   So far the most noticeable case of positive burnin for me has been the two different SRH840s I've owned, both of which had their treble turn from crowded and...
I've always loved the look of them. Truly hi-fi/pro-audio look, not a shiny kids toy or Apple store doo-dad. So tempting to order a pair.
  Yes but they're both equally horrific and the division seems to be completely arbitrary based on whatever that particular listener likes (hip hop) or dislikes (rap).
First a disclaimer: The V6 and its variants are variants, and they've been manufactured for a long time in multiple countries with known quality control issues. It could be that different people hear different things from them because they're very nearly listening to different headphones. I'm not sure.   That said, for recommendation purposes I really recommend you listen to the current production V6 / 7506 rather than just go by charts. They're quite the...
This is why you should not recommend headphones without hearing them..   I like the V6s because they're a good value and have been around forever, but they are the least neutral headphones I currently own and less neutral than everything in my sig other than the Ultrasones, Grados, and Maudios. "Balanced" perhaps since they have both boomy bass and bright treble and a few mid peaks, but neutral or flat? Not even slightly
hahahahahahahahah   oh humans
  Not an upgrade nor a downgrade. Two different approaches. Both could be described as "bright with balanced mics and well extended bass" but that's all they really have in common.   The Shures are tracking/monitor headphones that tend to bring out grain and have very clean, solid bass. The Beyerdynamics are a staple for hi-fi listeners who prefer a balanced sound signature.   I've owned both and only ended up re-buying the 840s. That entire Beyer series (770/880/990)...
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