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I am using Windows 10.  It's more a desire to not have another sound output device in my list of output devices.  I currently have 12 to choose from.
Does anybody know of a high quality USB microphone adapter?  I am currently using an Antlion Audio Modmic 4.0 and I am forced to keep using my onboard Realtek HD Audio because, obviously, my Schiit Bifrost doesn't have a microphone input.  I saw that Antlion sells a $10 USB mic, but it has an audio output built into it as well, which I would rather not have.
I am hoping some people with hands-on experience can help recommend an MP3 player for swimming.  I just swim in a lap pool and need something to help with the boredom.  I bought a pair of Sony NWZ-W273 waterproof earbuds that wrap around the back of your head and have an integrated MP3 player.  They fit well but they sounded god awful and were so quiet, I couldn't make out the words in the music I was listening to in a quiet room when using the waterproof earbuds.  I...
 I was just looking for a summary of what is different going from the Uber to the 4490 or Multibit.
 I saw the thread you linked.  I just cant bring myself to read through 373 posts haha.  Is there any kind of TL;DR for Uber -> 4490?  Or even Uber -> Multibit?
 I was thinking about it, but I'm just not convinced it's gonna be $100 better :\
I recently upgraded from using onboard sound on my PC to a Schiit Bifrost Uber USB that I purchased used from another user here.  I just wanted to say that I am shocked at how much of a difference it made going from using my PC as a DAC to switching to this Bifrost.  My motherboard is an ASUS X99-A/USB 3.1 with a Realtek ALC1150 chipset and ASUS' Crystal Sound II audio spec, which is supposed to use shielded components and japanese caps.  I was outputting from this to a...
I think I am probably going to go with the Modi 2 non-uber.  As far as I can tell, there isn't much benefit (if any) going to the Schiit Bifrost or another more expensive DAC.
Budget: Up to $300 USD - Willing to buy used   I am looking for a USB connected desktop DAC for my PC that offers better sound quality than my onboard sound and the ability to use an equalizer in Windows 10. I do not have room inside my case for an expansion card with my current motherboard and SLI graphics configuration. I am looking for something that doesn't use a lot of CPU time and is a DAC only, as I have a Schiit Asgard 2 headphone amp already. I was using a...
I have to say, I am genuinely impressed that @TeamHiFiMAN proactively reached out to me to replace the pads.  That is above and beyond my expectations and shows that they have great customer service.
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