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I am hoping some people with hands-on experience can help recommend an MP3 player for swimming.  I just swim in a lap pool and need something to help with the boredom.  I bought a pair of Sony NWZ-W273 waterproof earbuds that wrap around the back of your head and have an integrated MP3 player.  They fit well but they sounded god awful and were so quiet, I couldn't make out the words in the music I was listening to in a quiet room when using the waterproof earbuds.  I...
 I was just looking for a summary of what is different going from the Uber to the 4490 or Multibit.
 I saw the thread you linked.  I just cant bring myself to read through 373 posts haha.  Is there any kind of TL;DR for Uber -> 4490?  Or even Uber -> Multibit?
 I was thinking about it, but I'm just not convinced it's gonna be $100 better :\
I recently upgraded from using onboard sound on my PC to a Schiit Bifrost Uber USB that I purchased used from another user here.  I just wanted to say that I am shocked at how much of a difference it made going from using my PC as a DAC to switching to this Bifrost.  My motherboard is an ASUS X99-A/USB 3.1 with a Realtek ALC1150 chipset and ASUS' Crystal Sound II audio spec, which is supposed to use shielded components and japanese caps.  I was outputting from this to a...
I think I am probably going to go with the Modi 2 non-uber.  As far as I can tell, there isn't much benefit (if any) going to the Schiit Bifrost or another more expensive DAC.
Budget: Up to $300 USD - Willing to buy used   I am looking for a USB connected desktop DAC for my PC that offers better sound quality than my onboard sound and the ability to use an equalizer in Windows 10. I do not have room inside my case for an expansion card with my current motherboard and SLI graphics configuration. I am looking for something that doesn't use a lot of CPU time and is a DAC only, as I have a Schiit Asgard 2 headphone amp already. I was using a...
I have to say, I am genuinely impressed that @TeamHiFiMAN proactively reached out to me to replace the pads.  That is above and beyond my expectations and shows that they have great customer service.
The speakers would mostly be for playing computer games.  I have a home theater w/ HTPC for most other activities.  I would prefer something I could just hook up to the pre-amp outputs of my Asgard 2, so I don't have to switch around cables.
I generally use headphones when I am at my computer because I live in a condominium complex and my neighbors pound on the ceiling if my cat farts too loud.  I do, however, have the need for some speakers every once in a while; usually when friends are over.  As the speakers will only be used occasionally, I am hoping not to drop more than about $100 on the setup.  The speakers would need to be self powered.  I know it is a bit absurd, especially among audiophiles, but I...
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