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Price Drop 340$ :) !
Price Drop $350!
Selling my 2year old HE-500's. They'e in great condition and come with Velour and Pleather Pads. Paint is a little bit faded but, nothings broken and everything works as good as new.! Free Shipping to USA Only !
Selling my Brainwavz B2. They're in excellent condition and comes with a free case. I no longer use them, so price to sell 80$ + 10.00 Shipping :D
Selling my Westone 2's , they're in excellent condition and i had them for about 2years. These are the original Westone 2's and it comes with a black case and some tips.      Buyer Must pay for shipping : 10$
Selling my pair of RE-Zero's. I barely listened to them so they're in excellent condition and it comes with a balance cable :) and case. Buyer must pay for shipping :D. Also keep in mind these are not the RE-0's !
Selling my 3month old  Re-400's. They're in excellent condition and they sound great :D, but I have other IEM's and headphones I listen to now. Comes with a case and buyer must pay for shipping :).
Hey guys im a current owner of the DX100 and im wondering how well does the DX90 stack up against the DX100 as far as overall presentation and details. I heard the DX90 is better for IEM's only is that true ?
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