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Hi All,   I have a -moda Lp2 headset that i use at work with my Lenevo T530. I basically listed to music on youtube and mp3 on system. I am not satisfied with the bass and the volume levels. I am thinking to get an Amp. I have several in mind Fiio E6, E7, E11 and even Soundblaster 1240. Can you please help me with what should i buy. I want value for money!   Regards AJ
Hi All,   There is a nice list of Bass head headphones in the beginning of the thread. However, there is a noway i can test all of them. I currently own a LP2 and I feel that i get a pain around my right ear while wearing them. However the sound quality is amazing and has the perfect SQ for my needs. Can somebody please suggest me some more comfortable ear phones that have same/better SQ than Crossfade Lp2.   I shall really appreciate your help...
How will be the bass/beats response M-100 as compared to Crossfade LP2? I own the crossfade lp2 and the bass response is just perfect.. I wish to buy the M-100 but am not sure about the bass response in it. Any comments would be helpful..
Hi Val,   It would be also interesting to break the package. I donot know about other people, but most of my friends only use headphones with Audio cable to there laptops including myself. We need a good headphone, something like what M-100 looks like, and also in a reasonable price.. Is there a way to get these headphones with just the normal audio cable (without any buttons) for a lesser price.   BTW. i work for a Software industry (SAP) myself and am a quality...
Does anyone has pain around /behind the right ear while wearing the LP2 headphones?   Also Which are more comfortable headphones when compared to LP2? I like the sound of LP2 and donot want to compromise on bass/beats of LP2   Please help   Cheers
I meant when are these M-100 Getting released.. I saw that they were supposed to be in February and now its August.. Any news how soon will they be available.. I have 29 days to return my LP2 But wanna do so only after trying the M-100..
What is the source for this? I was waiting for these and i went an bought LP2 yesterday from MS store..Any views on LP2,,
Any comparison between Hfi 780, 750 and crossfades lp2?
Hi All,   How is ultrasone 750 compared to Lp2?
Hi All,   Went to Microsoft Store and tried both M-80 and Crossfade Lp2. I preferred LP2 as they had better bass, were over the ear and was in the same price range.. Are there any headphones better than Crossfade Lp2 in the same price range..I must say that the bass is really good on lp2 and it doesnot have bad Mids and highs either..     Thanks AJ
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