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Do you mean DSD files? If so, then big chance the soon-to-come new version will support it since the MkII is already supporting DSD files.
Weird shapes is the new trend
Well , let's see how major this firmware update really is. As you guys mentioned previously, there won't be much more focus once the II's get into stores. As I said in the AK100 & AK120 II thread, I am not a fan of the design AND the price. The reason I stick with the old AK100 is both its SQ and form factor, other than that is just to make things looks even more nice.
Complaints after complaints? On the serious side, I knew the battery would not be that short timed where it should be a firmware defect and yes I do expect there are bugs on this Calyx debut DAP but never in my wildest imagination that a battery indicator inducing auto turn off would be one of them.It is so basic but really could damage your overall impression on the DAP greatly.
Three hour battery life? Noises? Excuses from the CEO?Damn this is so far turning into a train wreck, thank goodness there are still some positive reviews regarding the M or else I don't even know how Calyx can salvage anything from this.
 Agreed, the (soon-to-be) older series has an advantage in form factor.The AK200&220 is interesting and sleek looking but is about the same size as an AK240.
He meant that he agrees with you completely
I was just making a conclusion since early demo impressions indicate that they have a warm signature but the production sound impressions is different. The box really reminds me of AK ones, I thought it would be cool if they use the same material but with lighter color like white-brown combination.
Here you can see the copper color is still there. It seems the M sound signature was tweaked after seeing the production release impressions...
 Interesting, remembering how DX90 is very much talked about so fondly here.Did you have the MkII or was it the MkI AK100? I actually have heard the X5 to use with my V3 but still prefers my AK100 and this is not only from the form factor.The sound signature of the X5 just does not suit me, along with the button layout and the heaviness of the player.Will be looking forward to demoing a Calyx M and the DX90 in the near future though.
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