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Oh man, thanks for the link, those reviews are gold lol.Stolen from a review:"We were fools, fools to develop such a thing! Sound was never meant to be this clear, this pure, this accurate. For a few short days, we marveled. Then the whispers began.Were they Aramaic? Hyperborean? Some even more ancient tongue, first spoken by elder races under the red light of dying suns far from here? We do not know, but somehow, slowly we began to UNDERSTAND."
Dang, I own the q701, but this is really tempting. I'm not sure I want to spend $200 on it because I was saving up for better portable gear haha. The struggle is real xD
Finished all the stuff, good luck everyone! Thanks hifiman for offering this opportunity
Nice haha. I got a second pair (for about a week) which is left stock though they aren't technically "mine." (but I'll appropriate them heh)
Oh man this thread... Lol i leave for a week and I have no idea what's going on. Well anyways, I've actually had some non-audiophile friends try these and got pretty positive reactions. One person was surprised to hear a violin in a song lol and another said they would have bought a pair if it was on ear. Third guy didn't say anything but i also didnt get the headphones back for about an hour after that LOL. I've settled a bit with modding pretty much same as before but...
Sorry, never saw this. I'm not really looking for a headphone as much as money or a portable amp.
LOL that patent :P I wonder if different party streamer types have different effects... with paper you would  think that different companies use different manufacturing processes and result in slightly different effects though I wouldn't think it would be too significant of an effect. In any case, glad to see that the stuff is working for your mods. I actually haven't checked inside the holes so haven't noticed the "stuff" (for the lack of a better word lol) inside the...
Oh lol sorry for not updating. I'm pretty busy with school stuff on weekdays. I've settled for a bit on having dynamat, the 2 layers, but I've actually added different shapes of felt. I don't really have any rectangles so I've been using circles lol. I currently have 2 quarter circles at different positions in the headphone. I'll post pictures on the weekends when  I have more time. This really seems to tame any excessive bass bloom and help tune the headphones to be more...
Seems likely because I'm not using putty... don't really have any around and too lazy to buy some haha. (its stickier and seems like a thinner layer than what Lorspeaker is applying). Combined with the fact that I think my preferences are slightly bass light because I've gotten so used to the q701. Well, seems like its time to scavenge up some felt pads with that new mod lol.
Yeah I was having similar opinions with the amount of bass. I think bass is affected by how obstructed the hole is because more airflow will allow the driver to move more freely... not an expert in these matters but I think that has some effect. Try using different materials to cover the hole. In my post above I mentioned that I used 2 layers of party streamer lol. I tried one layer which was a bit too bassy, foam was  way too bassy (lesser than original but still tons),...
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