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Does someone know if its worth moving from Ultrasone PRO900 to HE-500?   I find the PRO900 pretty agressive/loud/annoying highs and I only listen EDM (Progressive House/Trance, Ambient, Chill, Tech etc.).   For the rest, I do own the Bifrost + Asgard combo.
Funny. Essence ST not good to drive the pro900s? Not true! Before I had the Essence ST, now I got the Asgard + Bifrost and I have to say the improvement over the Essence ST is just minimal! So the 900s will go fine with the Essence ST, however the damping Ohm thing is not what it should be (I dont understand these terms, so cant say anything about it).   PS: my source is always 320kbps/44.1kHz so this might have something to do with it!
When u spend alot of money on audio equipments and realise it aint enough 'for the ears' so u end up spending more and more just for the slightest improvement.
Just got the Asgard + Bifrost combo connected to my Essence ST via Coax and have to say it gave minimal improvements.. Just filled the cans a bit. It might be my source (320kbps/44.1Hz) but still, I expected miracles to be honest.
Why does the Asgard have a 3.5mm headphone plug? How am I supposed to show off now? 6.35mm was the way to got coz it was big, professional and cool looking! ;@   But seriously WHY? I'd hate to use the 3.5mm cable now for my headphones..
I own the 900s since early this year. I like them but cant call them perfect or lovely. I think it has to do with my Asus Essense ST card (want a amp now).   Sub-genres like progressive Trance, progressive House, Breaks, Chillout, Ambient, Nu Disco, Tech or Deep House (low BPM's songs with less instrumentals) sound pretty clear with good detail. However when it comes to Uplift Trance, Electro House, Hardstyle or Techno (songs with faster BPM's and...
Ultrasone 900 Pro with CA Electronics HS-1 stands   (on the background the Audioengine A5+ and Corsair 800D if curious)
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