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Looking for a really solid closed headphone for use in public and/or light travel situations, and I'm thinking the 1770's look like a really promising answer to that..   Recently picked up Hifiman HE-400i's, that I be willing to offer in partial trade, with cash from me. Other than that I can paypal, would like to keep lower than $425 depending on condition. 
Recently picked these up, I love them. Sound beautiful, in perfect shape, have box and all. I just honestly shouldn't have spent the money on them. They're the 2.5mm jack type, in the few months I've had them, they've mostly sat in my room, currently in their box. Price is shipped, PP fees on buyer
I got them used here on Headfi a few months back. Zero issues, no blemishes that I see, and I can take and send photos if you contact me in email or text. Feel free to PM me for my number for email.
Excuse the length and fact that I can't upload photos, I'm posting this from my phone. Either way, I recently bought a pair of D2k's and they're awesome, and I freaking love them to be honest. I just can't be happy with how many headphones I have right now, when I compare it to the size of my bank account. My Denons are the most valuable pair I have right now, so they're the first to go I think. Also have Sony MA900's and Aiaiai TMA Studios, so if you're interested in...
I am posting this from my phone so I can't upload photos, but will soon, and would be happy to send some. Anywho, I'm selling my he-400's simply because as a college student, spending time in coffeeshops doing homework, these just don't get enough attention. I'm lookin to sell, and may be nterested in trading for something interesting. I'm looking at maybe an ma900, or a decent closed back (more useful for all the time I spend in public places). $330 through Paypal...
Just want to see how easy/hard these would be to sell: this ad won't be up long. They're a new pair of Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro, box is open, but headphones are not used! $150 would include shipping within the US. International would have to pay a little extra, but I have no problem doing the paperwork and all that's required for international. PM me if you're interested in purchasing these.
Brand new pair of Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro, possibly looking to sell.  $160 would include shipping and fees withing the US. PM if interested
Selling a E10 that's about 6 months old, only has about 20 hours on it!   Condition Like New You'd have to buy new to get it in shape better than this.   Reason For Selling Need the money for Christmas, simple as that.    Deal $45 includes shipping and fees   Please feel free to contact me through one of the following: - Private message here on Head-fi - Email me at - Call or text me at 1-909-486-5585 (text is better, as...
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