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Nah they definitely don't click into place! I've tried every way lol. Ill try to be careful with the glue and see how this turns out
And what does Monster put on them to hold them together?
Yea i know bumping is annoying, but im about to go to the gym and its like do or die, glue or not lmao.   WIll superglue work though? and will it effect sound?
I just got my Monster Turbines from Amazon in and check this out!!   [IMG][/img]   Both of them are like this now. Im going to the store to get super glue and just try to do it myself because i cant wait for them to reship etc.   Anybody know how to fix or have this issue?
Anybody? Lol
I'm gonna get the turbines! What tips are the best? Somebody recommended t-400s
Might cop them and comply tips
Still would like some more opinions/suggestions lol, thanks
Ok thanksStill looking for headphones. I'm thinkin about the Brainwavz
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